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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Bike riding along the Han @ Yeouido Park

One of the things I love doing in Seoul is visiting Yeouido and renting bikes to ride in the park and along the Han River. Yeouido is a major financial district for various banks and media outlets. We've done this before but this time I was able to spot more "things of interest" that I didn't mention before. Yeouido is easy to reach as there is a subway station on line 5 (purple line). If you want to visit the 63 Building, or get off closer to the river, get off at Yeouinaru station. This was from a couple weeks ago, when the weather warmed up a bit. Now it is freezing cold!

Riding through the park, you will see the skyline of these financial towers. HP, Deloitte, and LG are just a few of the big names that are based here, along with major banks in Korea:

The Han River stretches a long distance, so when you need a bathroom break you can enter one of these. There are many portable washrooms so your needs will always be met:

*FLUSH*...ahhh...that was great. Bike riding has made me thirsty. I need a drink, better yet, how about some ramyeon (instant noodles)? There are lots of little shops that are setup along the river. You see people sitting down and eating instant noodles (or chips, ice cream, candy, etc) for a snack. Awesome!

If you ride away from the 63 Building you will see people fishing. As for eating fish from the Han River I would be a bit skeptical. After experiencing fresh salmon from the waters of BC, nothing else really compares. That guy is mixing some sort of fish bait or lunch...who knows!

It was a popular fishing day, a bit overcast and very mild out.

The Korean National Assembly Building, built in 1975, is located in Yeouido. It looks like the White House!

The LG Twin Towers with the 63 Building (read about our FREE visit here!) in the background:


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