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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Bumper tanks...yes, bumper tanks

I love bumper cars. Apparently, so do the children in Korea. However, it seems they like tanks and guns more than cars. This little setup was in Yeouido Park, and as you can see these little tikes mean business. Some of these kids were so young, their dads had to ride shotgun with them. I just hope no one gets injured from the bayonet-style cannons attached to the front of these mini tanks!

Look at this little guy--he's only 4 or 5 years old and he's controlling a vehicle by himself. Ahh, so this is where Koreans learn to drive (Korean street carnage here ...and here)! ;)

You're in luck, I have a video! Check it out...keep an eye out for the father riding with his kid--I think the dad is having more fun than his son!


Sandra said...

Hey Gary, in your wandering shopping escapdes, have you ever seen podegis?

Like this one...

I am looking for a purple one for daughter.

Gdog said...

Hey Sandra,
Hmmm...I haven't seen them probably because I am not aware of them. But I will keep my eyes out the next time I'm out and about.

Sandra said...

Cool, thanks :)

Murano said...

Have recently come back from Malaysia on a work trip and had a day off so went to visit a theme park. It was the most bizarre experience I have ever had it was as If all the adults and children were on Fun suppressors. There was no foolish behaviour, screaming and shouting that should go in in such a place. it kind of took all the enjoyment out of the vent. Hope it wasn't like that in Korea :(

White van man said...

Great picture. There is a gameshow on cable called Takeshi's Castle where adults ride around on similar looking vehicles for the final showdown at the end of each game. It looks like the adults are training up their kids to take part in the game show which is hilarious. Think you can see clips of it on Youtube.

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