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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Cotton candy from a motorcycle

One of my favorite childhood memories involved eating cotton candy at the fair or the circus. I can just taste the soft and light sugar puffs hitting my lips--it's so sweet! Anyways, you can also recreate that feeling in Korea. However, your cotton could possibly come from a different source--no, not the carnival, but from the back of a motorcycle. That's right. These guys are your number source for cotton candy on the go. They can pull up anywhere at anytime. You just make the call and they'll be there. They can serve you cotton candy in a bag or in a cup. Most children eat the cotton candy out of the cup with a little pick, how handy (you can see the pick in action here, from our visit to the Louvre Exhibition at the National Museum of Korea)!

The picture above was taken at Yeouido, at one of the major entrances to the park (high traffic area=dolla dolla billz y'all). Now here's something that I've been meaning to post about but I haven't had the chance because I was missing a decent picture. Anyways, all scooters and motorcycles in Korea have these mitts that cover the handles. It's like mittens for your hands when you're terrorizing people on the SIDEWALK! I think they look pretty cool and I hope the fad catches on in North America. Let me know if you see anything similar back home!

These ones actually look pretty decent, but the handle mitts of a true scooter/motorcycle "veteran" has been patched multiple times with packing tape or duct tape, so it looks uber ghetto!


Dianne said...

Judging by the way my face shield looks after a ride, I couldn't imagine eating cotton candy that was transported on the back of a motorcycle! ...Ewwwwwwww!

Leo said...

I would be worried of all the pullution and bugs that may make its way into the cotton candy as the scooter runs around through city traffic, lol.
I remember riding on scooter in Taipei and the crap that comes off your face afterwards was frightening.

Gary said...

Haha, you guys make some good points. So maybe those picks are for removing pieces of dead bugs and random hairs and dust in your cotton candy.

Alisha said...

I love your blog. You write about ALL the things I always mean to write about but never get around to. Plus, you live near me, so that's even more convenient. I think I'll just start posting blogs that say, "Today's topic is _____, and here's the link to The Daily Kimchi..." :) Keep writing!

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