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Thursday, 1 March 2007

How to build your own driving range in Korea

Do you love golf? Sure you do. Everybody loves golf, including Koreans. Want to learn how to build your own driving range? Golf is an expensive hobby but if you follow my advice you'll be perfecting that swing and looking like Tiger in no time.

Materials needed:
  1. Golf clubs
  2. Rope
  3. Green-looking mesh cloth of some sort
  4. A quiet spot (good luck) in the "woods"
Step one--find a spot in the trees where you can have some space. Hmm...how about adjacent to your apartment tower's parking lot and next to some tennis courts?

Step two:
hang some rope from one tree to another. Throw the green mesh-like cloth over the rope to catch your golf balls. Grab your clubs (I would avoid using your driver or woods on this hard and dusty surface) and take a few practice swings. Remember to bend those knees. Warmed up by now?

Step three: lock and load, baby. Keep swinging until you get either tired, bored, or your clubs have become warped. Pat yourself on the back for a good day at the "range". Well done! Bravo, young lad!

These pictures were taken on the way to a haircut. It seems like we always see or find interesting things on the days we get haircuts. I wonder what we'll discover next time.


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