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Sunday, 4 March 2007

How to win any video game--for free!

Do you like video games? Well, if you do then head over to our fellow blog friend K-Rad.HK based in Hong Kong because he wants your help to name his new online video game store. What do you have to do? Follow his recommended guidelines and email him your suggestions for a unique domain name! That's it! If he picks your entry, you will win any free video game for any game console! That's a pretty nice deal in my opinion.

Straight from his blog:
So now I am looking to you guys to help me come up with a name. In return, the person who chooses the name I use will receive ANY video game we sell for FREE! As long as it’s in stock, it’s yours. It can be from any system - Wii, PS3, XBOX 360, DS, PSP - and from any region. Make sure that your console supports the game though!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Submissions must be sent to this email address. Please do not post your submissions in the comments system! We want to keep this private, so someone doesn’t come across a name before I does and quickly squat the domain.
  2. The domain name part will be handled by me. Come up with any name you like - I am not looking for a domain in particular, just something that will lead to a name for the store and a domain. If it’s a cool name and the domain is taken, obviously we can’t use it. But let me worry about that.
  3. Submit as many names as you like. Try to follow the naming guidelines however.
  4. There is no deadline, so keep submitting until a new name has been announced. Once a name is decided on, and a domain registered, the contest will be closed and the winner announced.
If you want more details, read his post about the topic! Hmm...time to start thinking of some names...


Carl said...

Thanks for the plug :D

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