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Monday, 19 March 2007

Instant noodles as a REAL snack

Remember back in the day when eating Mr. Noodles (or any other kind of instant noodles) during recess or lunch was "the thing" to do? Rumors of getting worms by eating raw noodles is what we heard from both friends and family. But the stuff just tasted so darn good, especially the bright yellow, simulated "Chicken" flavor, laden with incredible amounts of salt, MSG, artificial flavors, and colors. What was your favorite flavor? Beef? Oriental? Vegetable? Shrimp?

Anyways, in Korea they actually market these instant noodles as a "true" snack, not meant to be cooked in a pot of boiling water. It's found next to bags of chips and not in the ramyeon aisle. I have students eating this stuff like mad, then asking me after if they can drink water. Hmmm, I wonder why they would need water--it's not like this stuff is just full of salt or anything!

These instant noodles can be purchased at any convenience store for about 500w or so (50 cents). Look at the cute animated character...how can you avoid this? Having sampled some the stuff (it tastes pretty decent, especially coming from the grubby hands of a student) I decided to buy my own bag...just for kicks and to post about this on the blog. Hmm...anyone out there want to reimburse me? You can pay me via PayPal!

After giving the package a good couple of smacks, I added the sauce (aka powdered MSG/salt) and gave it a shake, mimicking my students. I ended up finishing most of the bag--and regretted it afterwards after my body went into convulsions.

Ahhh, the memories. Whenever I think of this package my body shudders with love.


Anonymous said...

Those dried packs are disgusting. I've tried those once. The guys in Grade 5 used to just bring the actual boiling-type noodles from the bag with whatever flavouring package it came with...
I'm a Sapporo Ichiban sort of girl =)
Did you know Mr. Noodle passed away near the beginning of January this year?

Anonymous said...

xD i was one of those kids. i was actually thinking of buying those for myself. guess it's worth it?

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