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Saturday, 10 March 2007

LOST: Inviting people to play...literally

There are many games out there that people play. I was invited to play this game called LOST (no relation to the hit TV show) where the premise of the game involves inviting people to play. You play the game by inviting people to play. Umm...that sounds pretty easy to me. Every time you invite someone, you will earn one point. This game was created by a bunch of students and is another example of viral marketing on the internet. Currently there are about 157,000 people playing the game, and it's growing fast.

About the project:
Welcome to LOST. This game is a student project - players score points by inviting others to the game. It aims to show how 7 million people can be connected and become the largest online game ever.

You can join the game if you find an invitation. An invitation is an internet address that looks like this: www.lost.eu/example - but instead of the word 'example' there are some random numbers and letters.

There are invitations written everywhere - on the internet and in the real world.
To win the game you must score points. To score points you must invite other people using a unique address that is given to you. www.lost.eu/youraddress

Everyone in the game has a profile where they can see who they have invited and who has invited them. It's possible to interact with anyone in the game.

The game will end when it reaches 7 million players - the winner of the game will get $5000, and the top ten $500 each. There is also a prize given to the best photograph of an invitation.
Anyways, I think you should consider playing LOST just for fun. There is a top prize for the person with the most invites and also for the most creative picture of an invitation. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to win, but it would be an interesting social experiment to see how many people sign up to play. You play the game by inviting people...simple instructions for those who aren't into complex games. Interested? Sign up here with my invite to play. Good luck!

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