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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

March First Movement--holiday!

Typically, around this time I would be getting a lunch ready for work--but not today! That's because today is a national holiday in Korea. It's the Independence Movement Day, also known as the March First Movement or Samil Movement. This movement marked the first steps towards independence from the Japanese occupation of Korea.

One of the nationalists that helped jump start the movement was Manhae, a Korean Buddhist. His poems on independence from Japan can be seen at Tapgol Park, the origin for the March First Movement. This is all coming together for me now because we visited Tapgol Park during our first trip to Insadong. Check out my picture of the Wongaksaji 10 tier pagoda and our visit to Insadong (the funny thing is, you may recognize the picture of the couple dressed the same from a previous post; it came from that very day--there must be some sort of weird connection between the two...or not) as it's a recommended stop to check out in Seoul.

Holidays in Korea vs holidays in Canada

Back in Canada and the US, national holidays are usually "blended" into either a Monday or Friday, enabling a long weekend. However, in Korea that is not the case. We have today off and we're back to work on Friday. I'm not complaining but it's just something that I miss from back home--those extended weekends where you can just play nonstop.

Here are the Korean holidays for 2007 (courtesy of Life in Korea):

Solar Lunar Compare these to Canadian holidays:

At the national level
New Year's Day Jan. 1
Good Friday April 6
Easter Monday April 9
Victoria Day
(Monday preceding
May 25)
May 21
Canada Day * July 1
Labour Day
(first Monday
of September)
Sept. 3
Thanksgiving Day
(second Monday
of October)
Oct. 8
Remembrance Day Nov. 11
Christmas Dec. 25
Boxing Day Dec. 26
BC Day (where I'm from) First Monday of August


Lisa said...

Have a great day off. Sometimes one day holidays can be the best because you don't feel the need to plan something big--and can acceptably spend half the day in your P.J.'s after sleeping in!
Here is a great video I found on youtube--free hugs in Korea:

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