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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

My Steff Houlberg hot dog experience

A while back we went back to Gangnam (check out their massive underground shopping arcade), one of the busy financial districts in south eastern Seoul. Devante wanted to go shopping and check out some cosmetic items at a few stores.

I've talked about hot dogs in the past (Boston Hot Dog; Costco's notorious $1.99 hot dog & pop) and I've seen Steff HotDogs locations before as they are littered throughout Seoul. Steff HotDog is part of the Steff Houlberg chain that sells the Danish style hot dog. These hot dogs are long, thin red sausages that are steamed and buns that are steamed or toasted as well. I wanted to see what these things were all about. When I'm shopping, I need food. I need energy to keep on going. Hot dogs=energy. Let's get down to business!

Here's the inside of the location in Gangnam. Their menus has items such as the BLT hot dog, barbecue hot dog, Viking hot dog, Steff hot dog, or Garlic Onion hot dog:

I opted for the Chili dog (chili as in hot sauce, not chili chili). I was going to get a set combo but I only wanted a snack. Low and behold, here is what I saw when it arrived. A long, thin hot dog that was covered in onions, hot sauce...and corn (corn is on everything here, especially pizza). It was good but I was still hungry afterwards. My first hot dog experience with corn, sweet! I would recommend giving Steff Hotdog a try, but be prepared to eat afterwards. Order two if you're super hungry. I think I'm going to stick to my 2000w hot dog and pop combo from Costco.

This is what a Chili set combo could have looked like:


ZenKimchi said...

Yeah, I think the Costco dogs are still the best. Steff is okay. During hockey season, we sat in the "Steff Hot Dog Party Zone," where they gave us a free microwaved cheese hot dog.

It was awful.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, that hot dog looks absolutely delicious at 1:20 am! :)

not sure about the corn tho...

Gary said...

The Costco hot dogs are the bomb compared to Steff.

As for corn on hot dogs...don't get me wrong, I love corn, but not on everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Seoul is an eye opener very different way of life. When the Olympics were held in Korea I was living out there with my parents and If you had a hot dog then there was a small chance that it would actually contain some elements of dog meat in it. Not too advertising if you are a westerner. Yuk. Great blog. (The government at the time went to a great deal of trouble to stop the act of eating dogs)

Morten said...

Does anyone know if Steff Houlberg has a sausage factory in Korea or China ? If yes, can anyone give me the contact informations ?

Morten, China/Denmark

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