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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Sugar mamas in Korea...oh so sweet!

Following our trip to Gangnam, we went to another busy shopping mecca, Myeongdong (home to the world's largest Starbucks). There are hundreds of stores lined along narrow streets (which conveniently allows cars to drive on). Remember this fellow? I snapped that picture of him wandering the crowded streets here. Shopping in Myeongdong shows you a glimpse of the enormous population that inhabits Seoul, one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

I'm going to describe some sugar mamas today. These ladies sell caramelized sugar that has been molded into fun shapes. Sugar is melted down in a small tin cup with flames provided by butane bottles. People will buy these random shapes for roughly 1000w ($1USD) each. You will find these ladies (and sometimes men) in Myeongdong and other busy shopping districts, such as Insadong. Now that's what you call profit...selling melted sugar for a buck!

Here's a spy shot from inside one of the many stores in Myeongdong. You must visit this area if you're coming to Seoul. There are lots of stores to check out, but make sure you go early to avoid the crowds (which is almost impossible but we did it!).

One more picture of another sugar mama...I wonder if she has a sugar daddy?

I mentioned how cars were allowed to drive on these narrow streets earlier. It is crazy how these drivers think they're going to get anywhere quickly. It's just an accident waiting to happen trying to avoid the throngs of people:

You have to be careful at times because some of these drivers just creep up on you. Some drivers of small delivery trucks are crazy so you should always watch your back!


Sandra said...

Did you try the sugar?

Gdog said...

I didn't try the sugar, but I have tried it from another time in Insadong. It tastes like...sugar!

esofthub said...

I've had some near misses with delivery drivers on motorcycles. I had one guy abruptly hit his brakes, which made his back wheel come up a foot or two. He was travelling perpendicular to my car. It scared the heck out of me. I avoid Seoul as much as possible.

Gdog said...

Yeah, it can be pretty dangerous at times if you aren't careful. I love it when the bus drivers run red lights...DO NOT be the first one to cross the street!

esofthub said...

I couldn't agree with you more...

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