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Thursday, 22 March 2007

The world's largest boy band

The Backstreet Boys--5 members
New Kids on the Block--5 members
Take That--5 members
'N Sync--5 members
O-Town--5 members
98 Degrees--4 members
Westlife--4 members
The Monkees--4 members
B2K--4 members
Super Junior--13 members...err...13?!

You're probably wondering what's with the list of boy bands. You're also probably excited right now (come on, Take That, Westlife, O-Town--when was the last time you heard those names?) too. Take a look at my compiled list one more time. Do not rub your eyes, do not adjust your LCD monitor, the member numbers are in fact correct. There are in fact 13 members of the Korean K-pop band, Super Junior!

According to Wikipedia, Super Junior debuted in late 2005 with 12 members but about seven months later they added another person to the group, making their member count a lucky 13. One of their members is actually Chinese (hand picked from an audition of over 3000 people). Members of Super Junior have had previous roles in the entertainment industry, through various modeling and acting roles. They have been criticized for lip-synching though (aren't boy bands supposed to do this?) on a live performance TV show (remember Ashlee Simpson on Saturday Night Live and her "acid reflux" or the ultimate lip-synchers, Milli Vanilli?)

The popularity of Super Junior is more prevalent with tweens versus older high schoolers. Through an unscientific survey of my five classes, the elementary students tend to receive my question with more enthusiasm versus the late middle school and high school students. Nonetheless, Super Junior still has 13 members (check out Super Junior's official website--get ready to be wow'd)! I wonder how much money they can really make when pay checks need to be divided 13 times, not including all the other people involved with making their music. What about singing songs? Who gets the most mic time? It must take a while to memorize the names of all the members too. You can get a head start right because here they are (in no particular order of course):

1. Lee Teuk
2. Hee Chul
3. Han Kyung
4. Yeh Sung
5. Kang In
6. Shin Dong
7. Sung Min
8. Eun Hyuk
9. Dong Hae
10. Si Won
11. Ryeo Wook
12. Ki Bum
13. Kyu Hyun

I got the idea to write about Super Junior by...eating at McDonalds! That's right, currently they have a "friend set" that includes two mini Super Junior CDs attached to the lid of your drink. Unfortunately we did not opt for this mega combo but I was lucky enough to find one CD left behind at the recycling counter--score! Here it is:

Here's a Super Junior video...so you can experience what they are all about:

This probably stems from the media, but Korean males are very...how do I say this..."intimate" with each other (remember this hand-on-thigh picture?). They are very touchy and huggy all the time. I have male students that are all over each other in my classes. They also do not hesitate to call you "handsome"...whether I'm eating barbecue, grocery shopping, or teaching, I hear it all the time. I'll have to post about that later.

Want the CD above? You have to order this set first. Only one order of fries between two people? That is just wrong!

To finish off this post, let's watch Ashlee Simpson working her magic. What's with that little leprechaun dance?:


Anonymous said...

but Korean males are very...how do I say this..."intimate" with each other

I agree with you.

I'm a Korean living in Canada and when I watched Korean male entertainers act this way, I was shocked. I guess I'm now "Americanized".

Korean males did not act like this in the past. When I was in Korea 10 years ago, I did not see Korean males act like a "flirting couple" on TV or in real life.

Also, in the EARLY 1990s, the actors and actresses did not kiss in dramas. They do now and this is because the majority of Koreans think that acting like a Westerner is a good thing. Korean shows now have swearing in appropriate places (they didn't before), kissing, violence, etc.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get to is that once Koreans accepted the fact that it's okay for men and women to kiss and show affection for each other in public places, this idea/concept spread among male friends as well. I suppose they think "touching" is a good thing between friends.

It's awkward to see males act like this in Korea, but I've also seen Indian men do this in a travel documentary (LonelyPlanet). They were even MORE "touchy feely" than Korean men. It is definitely weird, but I suppose we have to respect different cultures and norms.

Anyway, you have a really fun-to-read blog!

Anonymous said...

God they are so cute...
Reminds me of this crazy Japanese girls band named Morning Musume. They were so many.

Gary said...

Yeah, I must admit it was really weird to see this at first. But now I just accept the fact that men like to groom their friends. I see guys picking lint out of their buddy's hair or back on the subway all the time.

In the classroom I always have to tell the boys to stop touching each other!

Jon Allen said...

Are you sure they are all boys?
There was one there that looked way too cute to be a boy!

I hate that bit in the middle where the song changes completely from a boy band into a b-boy / rap type song for a minute or less. Why? it just sounded pathetic!

Anonymous said...

HEY! i know suju! i love them man ! especially dong hae. and ki bum.
jon, did you mean hee chul? he is they very girly one in suju.

Anonymous said...

Um...it doesn't mean "only one order of fries between two people." It says "After 2:00 pm."

Or did you mean something else?

Gary said...

rebekah: I meant to say, having only one order of fries between two people is a travesty! I don't want to share, I want my own fries! ;)

The DBSK/TVXQ Junky said...

yeah, they are 13 but they
all do different things.
Like the singers of the group in reality are Ryeowook, Kyu Hyun, Yesung they are in their own sub group, also Dong Hae and Sung min sing nice, the rest are either dancers or rappers like Eun hyuk, Shindong and Kibum.

Although I am a dong bang shin ki obsessed fan but SuJu is my 2nd fav group and then Big Bang

Anonymous said...

you actually have them ordered by age! from oldest to youngest

Anonymous said...

The largest boyband in the world is cute.
Omo, I'm acting like it's the first time learning about them.
And yes, I agree on the "skin-shipping" (getting intimate part) coz I've watched several of their shows (impromptu ones) and they are touching each other from head-to-toe!
But that's what makes them aDORKable. <3
SuJu Fighting!
(Prolly my favourite band, ever since I got to know them last year due to 'Sorry Sorry'.)

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