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Friday, 9 March 2007

The world's worst goldfish bowl

During a recent trip to Homever, I stumbled across something in their pet section that caught my eye. Something that made me sick...something that made me want to cry...something that made me want to protest...something that made me go crazy...something that made me take out my camera, snap some pictures, and laugh!

So what did I see? It was quite possibly the world's worst goldfish bowl! Take a look at the following pictures. We have some clear goldfish abuse. Please, somebody out there, contact the appropriate authorities to stop the suffering of this poor goldfish!

This quite possibly be the world's worst goldfish bowl because look at this thing...it's made out of rock, it looks like a home built for miniature elves living in the dark ages. There was one cool feature though. That's the built in smoke/humidifier thingy-majig that is clear scaring the living daylights out of that goldfish (which is conveniently shaking in its boots in the corner) that only has about two inches of water to "swim" in. However, that's if those rocks along the bottom won't slice its underbelly to pieces. Don't forget that huge green plant that makes it more "homey" along with the working waterwheel! Goldfish sashimi anyone?

Here's a close up of this poor goldfish...as you can see there is barely any water. What would this goldfish be saying right about now? Probably something along the lines of "I should've studied harder in English class--look where I am now".


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