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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Do you know recognize these guys?

You never know what you'll find when you're wandering the streets of Seoul. That's why it's very important to always have your camera on hand with fresh batteries. Once you find something random to take a picture of, you'll always be ready to lock and load, baby. What did I manage to find on the weekend (on my way to Yeouido again to see cherry blossoms)?

Well, it turns out it was some sort of video shoot for plasma TVs. It took place in my backyard right outside the Megabox in Omokgyo. Two shirtless Korean males were standing on crates holding up plasma or LCD TVs, on a rotating platform. Throw in a crowd of extras dressed in suits and you have yourself some sort of crazy commercial coming your way.

On set was a full camera crew, photographers, and others on hand to film this production. At first I thought all the men and women in business attire were workers from the nearby offices just checking out the set. I soon realized they were extras on set when they had to move the base a couple meters to the right--everybody scooted over like a herd of grazing cattle.

So we have two shirtless Korean males, presumably actors or models of some sort holding TVs while being spun on a platform (that had 4-5 guys pushing). I wonder why they chose this location because the background would just consist of apartments and random stores, like Red Mango and Mini Stop (where we buy our designated garbage bags).

Of course you know I'm good for a short video clip...here we go:

Do you know who these guys are? Are they super famous? Did I witness history in the making? Let me know if you can identify these mystery men!

"Man, these things are heavy...and I need to go pee." -random dudes


Anonymous said...

No, they're not famous. Never seen them before.

Gary said...

Cool. I would figure that if they were famous, the crowd would be even bigger.

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