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Sunday, 29 April 2007

A Dust Buster's Worst Nightmare

Living on your own and cleaning...is not fun. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to clean and dust an entire house, let alone the officetel (one huge square studio) we live in. Anyways, Seoul is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. When you put together so many people in such a small area, there's bound to be excess amounts of dust and other pollution.

Remember when I mentioned about the newest addition to our family? That was our beloved and trusty dust buster. Anyways, it's been working overtime here and some more. We have a sweeper thingy that we bought from Costco during our initial arrival in Seoul. What we do is sweep our floors, then suck up the dust with the dust buster (as opposed to my old method of shaking the broom out the window, and watching chunks of dust fly down to the streets below--I wouldn't recommend that). Living next to a major highway can result in a lot of dust being circulated around the air. We usually crack our windows open just a tiny bit (but we had them closed during YD) for some "fresh" air. Now that flowers are blooming and trees have leaves, the potential for somewhat cleaner air is possible.

Take a look at the build up of dust from our dust buster. I empty it once a month in the hallway into a plastic bag, while wearing a mask. It's incredible the amount of hair and dust we sweep up. There are some leftover bits of dust and hair outside in the hallway because one of the extensions was plugged with too much dust--the ajama is probably going to punch me in the stomach the next time she sees me (or shove me from behind/budge in line).

This picture doesn't really do it justice, but this massive dust ball was just downright disgusting!

On a side note, the Hi Seoul Festival has officially launched in Seoul. We will most likely check out this upcoming weekend or maybe during the week. This picture was taken at City Hall a week leading up the festival.


Unknown said...

i love my rainbow vacuum cleaner. the dirt and dust goes right into a tub of water....i just feel so much cleaner using that than all other kinds of vacuums!

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