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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Going to California: Sushi in Korea

I love eating sushi and I know many of you do too. When you're dining out in Korea there are many places to eat sushi. One of the bigger chains is called California and they are known for their large pieces of well presented sushi. This sushi restaurant was one of the first places we visited when we came to Korea (it was during our journey to Itaewon). I've posted about all you can eat sushi before (check out these stacked plates), but this time it's not all you can eat. It's about how much I can order and stuff my face silly, even mooching off Devante's leftovers. Let the food review begin. We were extremely hungry when we arrived at California. We looked over the menus briefly and immediately ordered. Bring on the sushi!

First up, we have some complimentary salad...it's the salad that you will live to love or hate in Korea--basically cabbage drenched in mayonnaise dressing. It's a simple coleslaw and I love it. You will find this salad served with donkatsu (pork cutlet) dishes everywhere.

Here, we have California's Philadelphia roll in the background and their California roll in the front. Both rolls were delicious and actually tasted like sushi and not just rice, which is a big bonus:

Devante ordered this roll, which I can't remember the name of. It was covered in little crispy deep fried bits of some sort (what an awesome description, hey?) and then drizzled with two kinds of special sauce. Okay, what I just wrote might not sound appetizing so I'll let the picture speak for itself:

Here is my other roll which I absolutely loved. A smoked salmon covered roll with crab, tuna, and avocado on the inside. It was seriously an intake of awesome as there was also a sweet and creamy sauce to dip it in. I am definitely going back to eat this roll again!

I saw this view approximately eight times...mmm...raw tuna...

California has locations all over Seoul. Our sushi meal cost about 24,000w ($26US) and we were stuffed. The location we went to was in Omokgyo at the Megabox (one floor down). The other one that I know of is in Hongdae. There are many more out there, it's just a matter of finding them. Ask around and you'll get many answers.

Anyways, here's a shout out to The O.C. ...Phantom Planet's song, California. It was an entertaining (only when Ryan would fight random people) show for the first season and a bit, but after that it sort of self destructed. RIP:


Leo said...

I also prefer some of the Korean sushi restaurants here in Vancouver. They give better value with much bigger portions, less rice and more filling. Although the presentation may not be as nice, my stomach can't see the difference.

Unknown said...

Mmmm...that's some good looking tuna. We don't usually get any good tuna here in Vancouver, where salmon is king.

The O.C. got stupid after the first...20 episodes or so.

Anonymous said...

hello GDOG
my wife introduced ur site. she said "very funny site and so enjoyable". ya that's right. u are so funny english teacher i think.

today's topic.. SUSHI...hmm.i had a bad feeling and read ur blog...this is not SUSHI!!! i'm japanese and quite different from original, donkasu also (in japan TONKATSU not DONKASU). so i never eat suashi in korea. hahaha.

i heard there are two original sushi served at lotte hotel and shilla hotel. try! but it costs USD200. :p

Anonymous said...

the hard bits are roe (fish eggs)

Gary said...

The sushi was definitely awesome and we will be going back for more. What was the name of the Korean place you went to Leo? I'd like to check out some Korean places when I head back to BC.

Ed: I don't know why I couldn't stop watching The OC, even when it ended up turning into a joke.

hirocakep: Thanks for visiting my blog. Haha, I know this "sushi" is not authentic Japanese sushi, it's Koreanized. As for the Tonkatsu...yeah, in Korea they call it donkatsu...I'm not even going to attempt a political debate on Korea and Japan, I hear enough about that from my students at school!

anonymous: the hard bits did not taste like roe...it was very greasy.

Stacey J said...

I just found your blog today; I'll be teaching in S.Korea come November. I'm so pleased to see a wicked shout out to Phantom Planet. You are a hero.

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