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Saturday, 28 April 2007

How To Get Trapped Inside a Washroom at Starbucks

I love visiting Starbucks (and I know you do too--don't lie) even though their drinks can put a dent in your wallet. Another reason for visiting Starbucks is for their washroom facilities. Most of the time they are clean and well maintained. Sometimes, if you're really lucky you could even encounter a Starbucks washroom with cardboard taped/glued over the non-existent door knobs...ummm...wait a minute, missing door knobs?!

Yup, this was the case when I visited the Starbucks in Insadong last weekend. The freaking door had no handles! I almost got trapped inside with another dude because we had trouble opening the door WITHOUT HANDLES! If the door was closed completely there would have been no way for us to open the door. Trapped inside a Starbucks washroom in Korea--that's an English teacher's ultimate dream!

I could not believe my eyes so of course I had to snap some pictures of this. Here was the view from the front of the door. Given the fact that the piece of cardboard has the Starbucks logo, I would assume the staff glued it on there:

The view from the inside--it looks like the missing door handles have been absent for quite a while, since the cardboard has tear marks on both the top and bottom. The pity the poor souls that have been trapped inside in the past:

I alerted the staff that the washroom door didn't have handles--I showed them my pictures to inform them. One guy immediately ran upstairs to check out the situation...who knows if they ended up fixing it or not. So the big question remains...have you ever been trapped inside a washroom before?!


imoet said...

what an experience!!!!
nope, thanks God i've never been trapped inside the washroom :p

Unknown said...

Starbucks will never replace Tim Hortons though. You must be missing the Timmy's way over there!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I never went to starbucks before but I wouldn't see that much of a big deal if I was trapped inside a washroom.

Gary said...

imoet: I was just as surprised as you were reading this post--let me repeat, NO HANDLES!!

jack: I do miss my Tim Horton's double double...MMMmmm

exene: You say that now, but once you're trapped inside a washroom, you'll be changing your tune I bet! ;)

Anonymous said...

i have been trapped inside a washroom before! it was because i turned the knob the wrong way; and i was panicking!!

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