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Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Korean National Assembly + Cherry Blossoms

Remember the last time I posted about the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival? Well, it was a case of bad timing because it was the first weekend of the festival and we arrived late in the afternoon--it was screaming busy. I was determined to give it another go but this time I decided to take an alternate route to see the blossoms. After exiting Yeouido station I walked directly towards the Korean National Assembly (which I have yet to see up close and personal). By walking through the National Assembly, I was able to bypass the busy entrance that we tried to enter the first time around. Let's take a look at what I was able to see this time around.

Walking towards the National Assembly I passed a bunch of trees growing inside vertical-shaped rectangular blocks. Looks are very important in South Korea and you will see mirrors everywhere, from subway stations to other random parts of the city:

These guys were part of a roller blading club that does tricks and other fancy things that normal people can't do, or would probably bust up a knee trying. The funny thing is they were doing all sorts of crazy stuff, but the moment I started filming a video with digital camera I think I jinxed them, because they started messing up. Here is one of the better videos, a guy doing a slalom on one leg going at full speed--the cones were only spaced about 30-40cm (12-15 inches) apart:

The Korean National Assembly (check out the back of the building here)...lots of people were out enjoying the day on the lawns out front:

In front of the building there is a huge fountain. Check out these police officers--they are merely teenagers serving their mandatory military service (shouldn't they be working?):

Behind the National Assembly I made my way to Yunjungno Avenue. This was the way to go as it was less crowded. Everyone loves cherry blossoms and they will take every opportunity to snap a pic:

For all you cherry blossom lovers out there, eat your heart out:

...more, just for you:

These pretty orchid blooms can be found all over the city. Can anyone out there identify them for me? There must be some plant lovers out there...

After finally making my way to Yunjungno Avenue, you can see that many people are having a great time--it's all smiles here. The cherry blossoms create one giant canopy of love...

Near the entrance to Yunjungno Avenue, this was the most popular composition for pictures. Smiling in the background with tulips in the foreground, while holding some sort of random new born, young child, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, or miscellaneous animal:

This update came a little late, but nevertheless I was pleased with second attempt at checking out the cherry blossoms. Before I finish I will leave you with one of my favorite sights in Seoul, couples in love that dress the same. It's like winning the lottery snapping these pictures because you have to ready to shoot fast (or you could secretly follow them):


zhanpeng said...

when is the cherry blossoms period?

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