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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The paper thin tissue post

I never realized how important having tissue on you was until I visited Hong Kong in 2004. Most restaurants and bathrooms (the legendary squat-style toilets) did not supply tissue for its patrons, depending on where you ate. Anyways, it was handy to have little tissue packs on hand in case of any dire emergency, such as a sudden trip to the bathroom or drying your hands after washing them (is that an emergency? who knows!).

Let's fast forward to present day life in Seoul, South Korea. Tissues are supplied in every Korean eating establishment, with the majority of the time in a square plastic box. What you will need to get accustomed to is the fact that these things put the phrase "paper thin" to shame. It's more like 0.5 ply toilet paper thin, or in other words, SHEER! Okay, so many this will help save the environment and some trees. However, if I need to pull 2-3 tissues to meet my needs, why not just make tissues with a reasonable thickness so that only one is needed? This isn't a pet peeve of mine, it's just an interesting observation.

I thought about this during a recent samgyetang dining experience. I took a tissue and realized it was lighter than a feather. I was holding the tissue up to my hand and I could see right through it! Look at this picture below...you can see my fingers!

While we're on the topic of tissue, I noticed something about most kleenex style boxes here. Not sure if this is in other parts of the world or not, so let me know. Sometimes the boxes are so large that the tissue falls back down into the box when the supply is low. How to fix this? Implement some sort of raising feature at the bottom of the kleenex box. It raises the existing tissue up a couple inches or so. It definitely helps--not only that, but it looks super cool too on my desk!

"Okay, fold this flap so A meets B...uhhhh..."

Ta da! Here is the final product. It definitely is the highlight out of all the things scattered across my messy desk:

Bonus picture: check out this picture of a ginseng root that looks like a person...creepy!


kiwi said...

iv seen those boxes somewhere, not sure if it was here in nz, or in the US or malaysia, but either way i could't figure out how to work them.....
the finished product does look really cool tho

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