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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Review: A Really Good Book (About Korea)

The following is a review...of many to come written by yours truly, from Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon. I should be doing progress reports but as you can see I'm procrastinating.

There many things that go hand in hand in life. Peanut butter and jam. Popcorn and butter. Mixed berry smoothies and tofu (okay, maybe you ignore the last one). Something that I've noticed that also goes together is teaching English in Korea and starting a blog about your adventure. It almost a mandatory thing "to do" when you come over to Korea. It's like some sort of new age olympic sport.

If you take a look at the blogs listed on The Korean Blog List, you'll see hundreds of blogs. Some are maintained often and some become abandoned quickly. One blog that been maintained for a while has been Seouliva. Anthony has kept his Korea blog going since September of 2003. When he asked me to review his self published book on Korea, I agreed to help him get some publicity for his little project.

Titled A Really Good Book (About Korea): A Collection of Language, Lifestyle, and Love, this is Anthony's interesting picture book on his adventure so far in "the land of the morning calm". He writes about the miscellaneous ramblings and his personal observations and experiences in South Korea. I read a few pages of the book and it's really quite interesting. I wish I had seen it before I came over to Korea as it definitely would have been handy. Anyways, if you're looking for a good read about the life of someone doing the "teaching English in Korea" as Anthony puts it, this book just might be for you.

Devante's Dell Inspiron 640m (she had a tall caramel macchiato and I had a tall double blended caramel frappuccino, totaling 10,200w [$12US] for both beverages).

You can run, but you can't hide from the wrath of my camera. Actually, she just happened to be covering her face and I snapped the shot. As I'm editing this post right now, she can probably see her own picture on my laptop.


Anonymous said...

this book is awesome, and i wrote the awesomer introduction. and kudos to Gdog for reviewing the book...unlike the Marmot who was apparently too cool for school.
this book is a good coffee table book.

Gary said...

Thanks for kind words. The book is compiled in a neat way that's for sure. Nice intro, btw.

Anonymous said...

scottonymous, your intro was only awesomer after i awesomefied it with edits.
and thank you, gdog, for the kind review!

Gary said...

No problem Anthony, you definitely put some time into your book, so it was worth reviewing! ;)

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