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Friday, 13 April 2007

Will it blend? Berries, bananas, yogurt, and...

Not so fast. You're going to have to read on to find out...

If you're heading over to teach English in Seoul, you're gonna miss a few things from back home. Some people miss the chocolate selection. Some miss the junk food selection (although Seoul has more than enough convenience stores to fill the void). Some miss clean air that involves living on the westcoast of Canada (there's nothing wrong with yellow dust--actually, who am I kidding the stuff hurts your throat, eyes and mouth). What do I miss? I miss the fruit and vegetable selection at a decent price.

The price of fruits and vegetables here can be outrageous ($6US for one pear, $2US for one kiwi) compared to the prices we're used to back home. The selection can also be an issue as well. However, we've always tried to make the best of it. Golden kiwis from Costco. Apples, frozen durian, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and pineapple from Homever. Grapes, strawberries, and oranges from the farmer's truck on the side of the road. You have to be on the look out for the best prices because if you are just buying at will, it can empty your wallet pretty quick.

Some of you might have stumbled across the Will it Blend? videos by Blendtec. These guys have videos of their incredible blender that will do it all. Such items that have been blended include: hammers, glow sticks, an iPod, light bulbs, golf clubs, and for all you NHL fans out there, hockey pucks (Go Canucks!). These videos have inspired me to pick up my own blender!

A couple weeks ago we picked up a blender from my favorite big box store, Costco (what would my life in Korea be like without Costco? I cannot even imagine that scenario!) Along with the blender we bought a bag of frozen strawberries and a box of frozen blueberries. Can you smell what Gdog is ready to make? You got that right...berry smoothies! Add in some yogurt, bananas, and juice to top it off, you've got yourself one kick ass smoothie. How can this get any better? Well, during a recent trip to Homever I had myself thinking: how can I make more creative and inventive smoothies? The answer lies with...soft tofu!

For 1000w, this is the best bang for your buck if you want a good protein fix. You're probably thinking right now "gross, tofu in a smoothie?! you're crazy!" Yeah, okay so it doesn't sound very appetizing at first but the final product was actually pretty good. You could barely taste the tofu!

Here's what I added: frozen bananas (buy the ripe ones from the ajamas on the street for 1000w; cut up and freeze), a cup of strawberries, half a cup of blueberries, two cups of juice (your choice) and half a pack of soft tofu:

This 400w Braun blender can barely handle frozen fruit. It's pretty weak--did I mention this is the second one we've purchased (thanks to Costco's excellent return policy I was able to get an exchange)? With the first one, the motor burnt out. When I mean burnt out that means black powder came out from the bottom of the blender. Turns out I'm a moron because I mixed up the placement of the black plastic ring that goes on the bottom (only realizing this after opening the SECOND blender--whoops). Here's the side view of my so called smoothie concoction, waiting eagerly to be blended:

The end product...one fine smoothie that is not only healthy but delicious. It's the perfect drink for our bodies in a time when yellow dust is slowly becoming the bain of my existence (green tea Halls does not soothe a sore throat). Anyone else here add tofu to their smoothies? Or am I crazy? It's a killer idea if you ask me!


imoet said...

HA?! Tofu in your smoothie?!?!?!
Want to say that you're crazy, but hmmmmm the final product is pretty tempting. Maybe I'll try it on my husband first! (of course without telling him that there's tofu inside :p)

Yeah....I miss fruits selection from my country. I'm so damn bored with the fruits here, and the price.....OMG!!! Soooooo expensive!!

Natasha said...

Is it actual tofu that you cook with? or is it the dessert tofu?

Anonymous said...

You'd think kiwis would be cheaper over there.

Grace said...

Oh my goodness...that looks so good! And it's about lunchtime for me...hmmm =)

Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome idea..i'm not a tofu person but i'd be willing to try and the finished product actually looks pretty tasty. nice work.

annamatic said...

hmm... does the tofu give it a creamy or more watery consistency...? Is that the tofu in the tube that goes into sundubu?
I haven't been to Costco yet here... is the membership fee worth it? and is it feasible without a car?

Gary said...

imoet: haha, using the husband as a guinea pig--nice one! Yeah, I agree with the fruit comment...I really do miss fruit from back home.

natasha: it's soft tofu that you cook with. I couldn't find sweet tofu (or I didn't try looking hard enough). The lady referred to it as sweet tofu but it's not sweet at all.

sandra: tell me about it. I love kiwis but not for $2 each! Back home they are $1 for 3.

grace: the next smoothie is on me. ;)

nicole: yeah, if you're not a tofu person this might turn you off.

annamatic: the tofu gives it a creamy consistency, but also a bit more water since tofu does have a lot of water in it.

It's not the tofu in a tube. It was in a plastic package that was shaped like a sunglasses case.

The Costco fee is totally worth it as it's cheaper to buy one here than back in Canada! Depending on where you live, it's possible to just cab it home. We usually take a small travel rolley.

Unknown said...


Dianne said...

My husband is crazy for tofu, so I've had a tofu smoothie... they're not bad. The strangest tofu dessert I've tried is a tofu cheesecake. I don't recommend THAT. :^P

Anonymous said...

since this is "the daily kimchi" i think you should considering doing a review of all the types of kimchi available in korea. surely that won't be a problem afterall, kimchi IS korea.

i love kimchi.

Anonymous said...

Tofu is great we use it all the time. Your concoction doesn't look to hot going into the blender but it certainly looks tempting when its all blended. bet it tasted good also. MMmmmm Protein Smoothies

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