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Monday, 9 April 2007

You know instant noodle snacks are popular when...

...38.5% of my class has them in their school bags to eat during the break! You might remember when I risked my life and wrote about instant noodle snacks. Anyways, thinking back to that noodle post, I had a magical day a while ago. I had entered my classroom after the break and I saw five kids eating these "noodle snacks". I was surprised so I had to take advantage of this opportunity for some photo ops. Here are the photos, all carefully orchestrated by yours truly:

This kid in red (his name rhymes with snot)...he didn't even have a bag of instant noodle snacks. He just wanted to steal some thunder from the others (you'll be seeing more of him soon):

Alright children, move to the front of the class and show me the mone...err, show me the noodles (there he is again, the boy whose name rhymes with snot--he's holding up his school bag as if it were a bag of noodles; the funny thing is, I've never seen him before and he's not even in my class)!

The aftermath: my poor garbage can has to take on so much punishment in my classroom to the point where garbage would overflow onto the floor and under my desk. Everyday my garbage can seems to move to a new location, away from this notorious corner. Sometimes it's near the door. Another time it's smack dab in the middle of the classroom. Maybe the ajuma who cleans the campus is trying to tell me something? Who knows, I just move it back to the corner anyways! "Let's play garbage basketball today, children"--Muhahaha!

Side notes: South Korea consumes the most instant noodles per capita at 69 packs per year on average, followed by Indonesia at 55, and Japan at 42.[1]


Natasha said...

How do Koreans not get fat from eating instant noodles (which are really not very healthy for you) so often?
And they don't seem to get much physical activity since so many of them sit on their rear ends all day playing video games!
I realize some are overweight, but seriously... there must be some Korean super-gene out there. I think scientists should start researching this. I want a part of it.

Gary said...

Hey Natasha, yeah, I know what you mean. It's crazy the amount of ramen they eat here. It must be a super crazy Asian metabolism. Don't forget the copious amounts of PORK too!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Is his name Pot? Blot? Fought? Clot? Dot? Hot? Not??? Yacht??? Zybot??????????

Gary said...

Haha, nice ones Sandra! You were very close...his name is SCOTT!

annamatic said...

yeah i wonder about the super metabolism gene every time i see Korean girls buying an entire CASE of doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. In the States (where it seems everyone is overweight) I only see people buying doughnuts one at a time.

Anonymous said...

one (two) word: "skinny-fat".
these girls have thin frames, but near-zero muscle mass from lack of physical exertion, and in place, a layer of fat, which i think adds to their curveless figures.
Squeeze it all into form-fitting clothes, and it looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I think Zybot would have been funnier.

Anonymous said...

those girls buying cases of donuts probably have the lowly responsibility of picking them up for the company. check if they get a receipt next time :)

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