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Saturday, 7 April 2007

Zune to be a winner!

Another post, another contest entry. That's right, evil blogger John Chow, who helps you make money on the internet is at it again. Due to his success and his other business ventures with computers and such, he gets lots of freebies. He's giving back to his readers by holding another contest. This time he's giving away a Microsoft Zune to anyone in the blogosphere who mentions his contest post on their blog. I'm in the search for a new mp3 player and if I win this Zune, it will make a great addition to my gadget collection.

The last time I posted about John Chow was his Nintendo Wii giveaway contest. I promised you that I was going to win, but unfortunately I did not. I cried myself to sleep that night. It was just horrible. Anyways, if you feel like taking your chances at winning a brand new Microsoft Zune, you are more than welcome to enter the contest. John says he will ship the Zune to any destination in the world, so Korea counts! I'm crossing my fingers this time...as I'm Zune to be a winner!

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Anonymous said...

I joined Agloco a while back but I don't understand how I get paid. I will refer my friends, but I think I need some proof that we actually get something out of this. How do I get the toolbar if they said I can't download it for another few weeks? How and how often do they send you your payment?

Gary said...

AGLOCO has been delaying the viewbar release for a while. It should be coming out soon. They will provide more details once it has been released. I had success with their former company, AllAdvantage so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. But in the meantime, we have nothing to lose by waiting!

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