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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Eating an Afternoon Tea "Snack" in Hong Kong

So after a three and half hour flight to Hong Kong from Seoul, I was extremely famished once I landed. Having "afternoon tea" in Hong Kong consists of a variety of things. Known as "hah-mmm-cha" in Cantonese, it can very well be one of my favorite things to do in Hong Kong. There is nothing better than drinking a (hot or iced) Yuanyang (a mixture of coffee and Hong Kong-style milk tea) at your local dai pai dong (open air food stall) or cha chaan teng (Chinese tea restaurant) in the afternoon. I had my afternoon tea "snack" experience at the Olympian City mall near the Olympic MTR station in Tai Kwok Chui. The new few posts will be dedicated to all the food that touched my lips one way or another.

First up we have an iced yuanyang (it's pronounced yeen-yeung). This drink was included in the price of my afternoon tea "snack. If you've never experienced a yuanyang before, the moment you try one, either hot or cold you will be hooked. The addiction is similar to Vietnamese-style iced coffee--once you start, you can't stop:

Here we have a bowl of roast duck noodle soup. Normally, I'm not a big fan of duck back home because it's always too fatty (yeah, I know ducks are fat to begin with). However, this roasted duck was one of the best I've ever had--it wasn't too fatty and the skin was roasted perfectly:

If you're in Hong Kong, you must try the Hong Kong-style French Toast. Deep fried French toast with a peanut butter filling, topped with butter and maple syrup--talk about the fusion of things that all people love (except for those with peanut allergies--sorry!). I only had a few bites of this French toast as my Aunt and her friend were sharing it (but don't worry, this won't be the last time):

To walk off my afternoon snack, we walked around Olympian City mall. We stopped into a grocery store and I was extremely excited to see copious amounts of cheap tropical fruit, especially fragrant durian (I'm a big fan if you haven't noticed)!

There was a worker there whose job was to open and package fresh durian all day long. It was hypnotizing watching her work, especially the speed and precision of opening multiple durians. We bought a small pack to take home...what a way to finish off my afternoon "snack!" I bought half a durian for 10HKD, approximately $1.30US (one whole frozen durian costs about 30,000w/33US at Homever)!

Olympian City mall is huge as there are hundreds of stores located inside:

That's it for today, next up I'll be posting about what I ate for dinner. Man, my mouth is watering just looking at my pictures again. What's your favorite Hong Kong-style afternoon snack?


Anonymous said...

my 2 favourite countries are Hong Kong and S.Korea! :D
i can't wait to go back again!
: ))

lowlight said...

I hate how Wikipedia sometimes uses stupid mandarin spellings for things like yin yeung... For no reason! They don't drink that shit in China, keep it in Cantonese! :(

Next time you're in town, hopefully you have some time to hang out! Give me a shout!

Gary said...

lu: HK definitely rocks your socks...I love the place.

carl: I'm with you on those Wikipedia entries. Sometimes I have to read the mandarin spellings out loud to hear what it really sounds like.

Let's keep my fingers crossed as I could very well be back in HK once August rolls around. I'll let ya know!

Anonymous said...


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