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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Eating Beef Tripe Noodles for Afternoon Tea

We're halfway through my mini trip to Hong Kong. This was my routine for two and a half days:

-wake up
-eat a cheap and delicious Hong Kong-style breakfast
-eat lunch
-eat afternoon tea
-eat dinner
-eat dessert (Hui Lau Shan 80% of the time)

This is how you maximize your time in Hong Kong if you're only here for a short period of time--eat yourself into oblivion! Anyways, here's my little blurb about what I had for my afternoon tea "snack". We hung around Tsim Sha Tsui for the day so this is where most of my meals originated. This time around, I revisited one of my favorite little restaurants that serves some of the best beef tripe (the muscular lining of a cow's stomach; loved by all around the world) noodles. If you haven't had beef tripe done up Hong Kong style (it's always awesome for dim sum) I would highly recommend it. The beef tripe at this little spot in marinated in its own juices all day, resulting in tripe that melts in your mouth. *insert Homer Simpson drool sound here*

Here's the restaurant that was renovated recently. What a nice touch to see the place looking nice and clean:

This dude is basically the man in charge of making the meals and cutting up the various kinds of meat hanging all over the place. The beef tripe is located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, just waiting to enter my mouth:

This picture probably looks familiar to you, since I posted it up previously. Here it is again in all its mighty glory--man, I'm hungry just looking at the picture!

Don't forget the incredible pastries from Hong Kong. It's been a long time since I've had a pineapple bun and this one was freshly baked...deelicious. I split this bun with my cousin Jackie.

You can't have a visit to Hong Kong without ordering all the tasty drinks. One of my favorites is the Hong Kong-style iced lemon tea. It's strong and sweet with slices of real lemon. You just mash up the lemon sitting at the bottom and you have one refreshing drink:

For those curious about Tsim Sha Tsui, here's a picture of the local area map:

You'll see a lot of clothes being hung outside to dry (or soak up the aromas from the restaurants below) in Hong Kong:

As I sign off from yet another food post, remember some wise words from Gdog: eat as much as you can in Hong Kong.


Erwin said...

dude, all your post about HK food is making me miss HK sooo much, so...STOP IT! hahaha...your in korea for jeebus sakes! :-D

oh and you can't mash up the lemon in the ice lemon tea too much or it'll just be too bitter...bleh...

Gdog said...

I know, how funny is that...in Korea but posting about food from Hong Kong.

As for the ice tea, I mash up the lemon but you are right, not too much or else it'll get bitter. Either way I'll still drink it!

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