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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Eating Dinner in Tsim Sha Tsui

Here we go again with another Hong Kong food update. If you have family in Hong Kong and they are taking you out to dinner, most of the time you just go with the flow and eat whatever is ordered and served to you. After visiting some of my cousins in Tsuen Wan, we decided to head back to Tsim Sha Tsui for dinner. I can't remember the name of this restaurant that we went to, but it was located underneath a hotel. Forgive me for not concentrating hard enough on the name, as I was concentrating harder on what I was going to eat!

Do you like XO sauce? It's a Cantonese-style spicy seafood sauce that contains dried chopped up seafood such as scallop, dried fish, and shrimp that has been cooked with chili and other ingredients. It's an excellent side dish and is seen as a gourmet concoction. I love the stuff to death...tasty and spicy!

Since it was only the four of us, we didn't go all out and just opted for a simple dinner. Here we have some roast pork, with the skin done just right--nice and crispy:

One of my favorite dishes, pineapple sweet and sour pork! This was an excellent dish as the pieces were still crispy, the way it should be:

Here we have some greens stir fried with pickled tofu:

This dish was steamed minced pork with chopped water chestnuts and squid:

Usually I like my my roasted squab with a crispy skin, but this soya sauce squad was just as tasty:

I was feeling pretty good after dinner, except the air conditioning in the place was set to freezing. I was full but longing for dessert afterwards. We checked out some of the shops along Nathan Road to walk off dinner, in particular the Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard.

Here's another picture from the evening...gotta love all the neon signage:

What did I have for dessert? It wasn't much but it was none other than an apple pie from McDonald's. Pretty boring huh? You probably thought I was going to head over to Hui Lau Shan again! It's always been a tradition for me to have the apple pies in Hong Kong because they're deep fried, unlike the ones back in Canada. South Korea (and other countries in Asia) has them prepared this way too but they just taste better in Hong Kong! What's your favorite dessert in Hong Kong (so I can prepare for next time)?


Anonymous said...

Fried McD's apple pies?! At least somebody is still making them the right way.

Anonymous said...

I was in HK in January and we went to this place called Tai Cheong for egg tarts. It was a small HK-styled bakery, and the eggs tarts were YUUUMMMMMMYY!

Really rich, caramelised, smooth egg fillings with crispy, fragrant pastry. They were the best that we tasted in our entire lives. We practically smelled our way to the bakery. It's at Lyndhurst Terrace- a small lane near SOHO.

My HK-Macau pics here-

Gary said...

yen nie: nice pictures. The best egg tarts I've ever had are the ones from Macau...how they are caramelized on top like you mentioned. Damn, they were good.

Leo said...

I worked for a month in HK back in teh mid-90's, while it was still a British Colonial.
The only thing I miss about that place was the food :)

Gingr W said...

I'm hungry already!!! /-D~~~

annamatic said...

oh... egg tarts... i can't believe i forgot to have some while in HK...(kicking self)
but you know, they're really easy to make too. :-)

Gary said...

Leo: Food has long lasting impressions on my memory too. :)

Gingr W: Next time dinner is on me.

annamatic: nice picture of the homemade daan tats...I miss them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin. The restaurant is called Loong Yuen at Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel.

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