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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

May 15th: Teacher's Day in South Korea

There are many "special days" in South Korea. Do you remember White Day and Pepero Day? Well, recently on May 14th it was Yellow Day-Rose Day. On Rose Day you give roses to people. I did not know this but Devante got a rose from one of her students. It was a single red rose that he secretly hid on her chair that was pushed into her desk--how sweet (I threatened his life afterwards for trying to make moves on my girl--btw, he was only 10 years old)! Also, on Yellow Day lonely singles are supposed to round themselves up and eat curry together. Dressing in yellow is also an option--what fun!

Teacher's Day is May 15th of every year. On this day students rejoice by paying respects to their teachers. Most schools have the day off or half days. Unfortunately, private hagwons stay open, so these kids still have to go to academies on special days! I don't expect my students to give me anything, but whenever I get some sort of "peace offering" that student automatically gets an A+--hey, everybody has a price! Muahaha! Anyways, I received an early gift on Monday and a belated gift today. You can always try preparing for this day by being extra nice leading up to Teacher's Day--but that's cheating. Let's take a look, shall we?

Since I only see Stacey on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, she showed up with this cutely wrapped box on Monday. I love the note she wrote:

What was inside? It was an ornament thingy for my desk. I think its purpose is to hold photos or miscellaneous pieces of paper:

On the actual Teacher's Day, we received a nice little surprise from the management at work. Every teacher got a plant with a little note thanking us for our hard work. That was a very nice touch indeed--I was in...tears!

Now today, on my way towards my first class of the afternoon, one of my students comes up to me in the hallway and says he has a present for me on my desk. He tells me it's food and it's VERY BIG! What did I find on my desk? None other than a super-sized Big Mac meal from McDonald's! Gee, even when I don't want to eat McDonald's it just shows up on my desk...ahhh-saaaaahh! As you can see I snuck a drink of Coke during class. The kids were asking what I was doing when my entire face entered the top of the bag. My response was "I was just looking at the food!" Gotta love those elementary schoolers! ;)

Now this was the kicker...inside the bag was also a Coca Cola glass from McDonald's, which was pretty neat:


Anonymous said...

Happy Teacher's Day from Malaysia! No one gave you durians?


Gary said...

Hi yen nie, unfortunately, no durians for Teacher's Day--although the day that happens I would be very happy! Eat a durian for me, will ya? Thanks.

Tina said...

I stumbled upon this old blog while on google searching for "Yogurt drink Asia" and what is so crazy, is that I'm one of the Youngdo teacher who came in after you. I saw the picture of the plant you received for Teacher's Day and now, it makes so much sense as to why, for the entire year that I was there, I had this miscellaneous plant I had to water in my classroom!

It was also nice to see some familiar student faces on your blog, who stuck around until the end of my year there.

Anyways, cheers to you guys for having created this amazing blog to go with your journey.

- Tina

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