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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Sizzler: How to Really Satisfy Your Hunger in Korea

There are many times when you're hungry and trying to find out how to really satisfy your hunger in South Korea. Look no further because I was satisfied when we visited a Sizzler location in Seoul! Sizzler is just one of the many big "family restaurant" chains in South Korea. The other popular joints are VIPS, TGI Friday's, and Bennigan's to name a few. Again, if you are craving steak these restaurants will help you fill your void. However, with the salad bars at these places, they are a meal in itself. Out of all the salad bar buffets we've tried out in Seoul, I think we've found our new favorite.

This Sizzler location is located in just outside Hyehwa station (Line 4, exit 1). It's in the same building as Bennigan's, which is located two floors below. Are you ready to witness another buffet marathon by Gdog? Here we go...

Look for this building as you leave exit 1 at Hyehwa station. Get out and walk straight about 100 meters.

At first, we were going to order items off their lunch menu (which includes the salad bar) but the lunch specials are only valid Monday through Friday. So we went with the salad bar, which is priced at 19,500w ($20US) plus the standard 10% VAT (Value Added Tax; an auto-grat added to your final bill--there's no tipping in Korea). The salad bar here was fully loaded: a variety of salads, fruit, a beef fajita station (with fresh salsa, guacamole, and sour cream!), soups, chicken wings, bread station, ice cream station, pasta station, and some incredible chicken wings!

If you're considering ordering a steak at Sizzler, here is their "Degrees of Deliciousness" chart for your convenience. Yes, I did in fact just type "Degrees of Deliciousness".

Every time I visit a buffet in Seoul, I end up stuffing my face full. It's a lot of fun and I recommend that you give it a try (thank goodness for Hyundai Fitness Gym!). Here's plate number one--it's a bit messy as I was overly excited with all the food. Notice the two scoops of salad...one is sweet potato salad:

Plate number two: Here, I tried to be a bit more civilized and did not overflow my plate (I was determined to pace myself, hehe). We have some nachos with beef, fresh salsa, guacamole, and sour cream; sliced tomatoes with mozarella cheese and black olives, mandarin salad, one spring roll and again, two more chicken wings:

Plate number three...here we weave some garlic toast, some sort of cheese bread, a fully loaded potato skin, chicken and pineapple salad, some rice pilaf, and two more wings (the wings were absolutely incredible--crispy and the meat literally fell off the bone; the added honey mustard sauce was the cherry on top):

Plate number four: here we have a fully loaded beef fajita--it deserved its own plate:

Plate number five: let's have some salad, shall we? More mandarin salad, some celery and artificial crab salad (it was the first time I've had celery in months), and a green salad with some peaches I stole from an adjacent salad:

Plate...err, dish number six: at this point in time I'm asking myself...should I go on? I am pretty stuffed right about now BUT a salad bar buffet is not complete until I've experienced the ice cream. So, I made my own sundae with the addition of some cut up bananas:

Plate number seven, the final plate: We have some pineapple, slices of grapefruit, mandarin orange segments, grapes, and slices of orange. Right now I was going to explode. If I remember correctly I might have even loosened my belt (and undid a few buttons to my jeans).

Sizzler was downright awesome. If you are looking for a little taste of home, the salad bar buffet here definitely is worth your time. There were so many dishes on the salad bar, I don't know how some people can eat a steak WITH the salad bar too. There are eight Sizzler locations in Korea, with at a few other locations in Seoul. You can find the other locations here (it's in Korean). Are you hungry yet? My stomach hurts just from looking at all that food again! *burp*


Natasha said...


you eat a LOT lol!
You totally get your money's worth!

Dan said...

That's a big appetite. And 'Degrees of Deliciousness' is amazing. I wonder if they use the same phrase on this side of the Pacific?

imoet said...

You have one huge storage room in your stomach!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have some metabolism!

Gary said...

Natasha: I sure did pay the price for eating so much because I could barely walk afterwards. I wish I had a wheelchair so Devante could have wheeled me outta there!

dan: send me an email if you want to find out where I work. "Degrees of Deliciousness" just sticks in my head.

Erwin said...

haha I had to comment after reading this one! all I can say...

fat ass! :-D hahaha

thanks for updating more constantly (was that english? haha) it makes my day much better! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm surprised you didn't burst from all of that food.

Lazy Cook Easy Recipes said...

Oh boy, you can eat. There is a saying "neng chi shi fu" - eating is a sign of fortune.

On a more serious note, I do not think it is healthy to over eat, so try not to do this often. I watched on tele last night, a autralian medical report shows that man with waist line more than 100cm and women more than 85cm are 250 times more likely to get cancer. There were a few types of cancer mentioned, but I didn't take note.

I love eating, so I reckon I will eat all that I can as long as I keep a healthy waist line.

Remember 100cm max.

Bless you.

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