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Saturday, 19 May 2007

South Korea's Fattest Dog Loves Giordano

Who loves shopping? Do you? I love shopping too. However, when pet owners go shopping their pets can be pretty lonely at home all alone. What's the next best thing? Take Fido with you! That's what I witnessed last week inside the Giordano store in Hongdae. I saw quite possibly one of the fattest dogs in South Korea. This cute doggy was INSIDE the store roaming around and trying on socks and underwear. My first reaction was "gee, I wonder how you would taste on the barbecue?"--that was a joke, please calm down all you dog lovers out there! ;-)

Anyways, check out the following video of this pooch in action (that voice is our friend wanting a picture):

I feel sorry for the little legs that have to carry all this weight:

"Do these pants make me look fat?"

On a side note at the next store, this girl was nice enough to pour some scalding hot tea into my mouth--thanks lady:


Wilks said...

out of curiosity, what was the dog's name?

Gary said...

I have no idea because I didn't ask. The dog was super cute though.

katie v said...


dachshunds in particular suffer when humans allow them to be overweight. they are prone to painful slipped discs...i lived in korea and can't imagine many families wiling to pay 2k (USD) for a life-saving back operation. please don't allow dogs to overeat, or eat people food, especially this breed!

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