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Thursday, 10 May 2007

The Ultimate Top 5 Reasons to Teach English Overseas in Korea!

I get asked all the time...why teach English in South Korea? Well, here are my Top 5 Reasons to Teach English in South Korea...here we go...

#5: You're looking to travel and explore Asia. Living in the South Korean capital of Seoul can be exciting and jam packed full of things to see. Oh, and you'll get paid a monthly salary (plus one month's bonus at the end of your contract), return airfare, rent-free furnished accomodation, and the joy of teaching children that are actually eager to learn.

#4: You can try your luck at tracking down the World's Largest Boy Band:

#3: Korean barbecue is addicting and delicious: check out galbi (pork rib) and samgyeopsal (barbecue bacon):

#2: Experience the thrill and rush of wearing the same outfit as your significant other:

and finally...the number one reason to Teach English in South Korea...

#1: Eating an ice cream bar sponsored by a pig dressed in a tuxedo:

This post is part of the Top 5 Group Writing Project currently underway at ProBlogger. Check out another entries from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. There are lots of interesting "Top 5" lists, such as things you learn on a dairy farm and door knocking tips.


Anonymous said...

Just back in Canada from a 4 year uni job. I miss the way the women dress in spring and the ahhh.... ahhhh.. well, I miss the women.

Anonymous said...

when I was in high school way back in the 60's, matching sweaters for couples were the big thing in the midwest (Iowa U.S.A.)

Jon Allen said...

Hi Gdog,
I was wondering if you'd seen this contest or not!
Lucky we didn't choose the same subjects :)

Gary said...

Hi Jon, I read about the contest but I didn't think about writing an article until I got inspired by your post! :)

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