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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Winner of Stephen Fung's Blog Contest: Me!

One of the joys of blogging is discovering blogs written by others within the online community. It's interesting to read up about what other people are up to in their lives. One of the blogs that I visit regularly is Stephen Fung DOT NET, who lives in Vancouver, BC. He is a Dot Com Mogul in the making that enjoys giving to charity--his blog is definitely an interesting read.

With his recent USB contest giveaway, participants were required to post a comment as to why they should win the USB drive. Stephen was generous enough to donate one dollar per entry (up to $100) for every person who entered the contest. Even though only 12 people entered, he topped up the amount to $25. Requirements for comment posts had to be somewhat humorous to crack him up. Here is what I wrote that won the contest for me:

Here are the TOP 3 reasons why you should give this USB flash drive to Gdog:

1. I get to see inebriated Koreans puke all over the sidewalks and subway stations…it’s so darn cool because their puke is orange color–due to the consumption of kimchi I’m assuming.

2. If I win this, I’ll dedicate a post to you and give you lots of link love…people always click on my links!

3. I was worried about your blog when it got hacked and posted a comment about it on John’s blog. I don’t know if he called you because of my comment, or if he found out himself. Nevertheless, I tried to draw attention to your blog being down.

BONUS REASON: I could really use that usb flash drive to transfer files to and from work. :)

That’s it…thanks for the contest. ;)

What reason did you like the most, Stephen? Once again, thanks for putting on the great contest! I think The Daily Kimchi will have to create a contest giveaway soon too. Hmm...what should be the prize?


Natasha said...

woohoo congrats!
That is one small USB drive

Grace said...

NEATO! Congrats! And orange puke? Totally gross...*shudder* I suppose you've gotten desensitized to it all =)

Gary said...

Hey Ladies, thanks for the comments. Yeah, this USB drive is verrrrryyy tiny!

As for the orange puke (kimchi or dokbokggi...take your pick) it was an absolutely disgusting sight at first, but after a while, you're right...I've gotten desensitized to it. It's like coming back from the First or Second World War with post traumatic stress (really bad example!).

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