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Monday, 4 June 2007

AGLOCO Viewbar Released and Ready to Download

When I checked my email after work tonight, I found a very interesting email that I've been expecting. It was an email from AGLOCO informing me that their Viewbar has finally been released, and ready for download! After months of delay and speculation, the Viewbar is finally out for the public to download!

What is AGLOCO about you ask? Well, it's a company that was created from the former founders of AllAdvantage, which paid you for surfing the net (the catch? you had to install a viewbar to accrue your surfing hours) but went bankrupt along with other companies during the dot com bust. Anyways, the founders are back and they have launched AGLOCO as the "new" AllAdvantage. I was skeptical of AllAdvantage back in the day, but that skepticism disappeared when I actually received multiple checks in the mail.

If AGLOCO can deliver the goods like AllAdvantage, sign me up. If you are interested in joining up with AGLOCO, you can sign up here through my network. The more referrals you have, the more potential money you can make (some members already have 17,000 sign ups). Until members get paid AGLOCO is still very new, but my belief in this company is through my past experiences with AllAdvantage. If you feel you want to get paid to surf the net, you should get started now!

Here's a screenshot of the toolbar installed on my laptop (it's at the bottom of the screen; btw, I use Firefox but I took the screenshot with IE, hehe):

...and another picture of the toolbar login screen:

For those who have signed up already for AGLOCO, what are your thoughts towards the company? Have you received an email to download the Viewbar yet?


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of signing up for AGLOCO, but don't know if it the real deal! About getting paid for it! Is it really worth it?
How long have you been using it? If I download it, would I have to use Firefox? How much does it pay?

Gdog said...

I think if the company gets going it is a possible way to earn some money online. I just downloaded the viewbar yesterday so it's hard to tell. The viewbar works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. There is a calculator on their website that "predicts" how much you can make. All I know is it's worth a shot...I have nothing to lose really!

j.rock said...

finaly it has been released. i still believe in agloc. cant wait to download it but it seems the site is down. too many people downloading the toolbar....

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