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Monday, 4 June 2007

The Best Places to Take a Nap in Seoul

When you're feeling tired, what should you do? The obvious answer is to get some rest, or try to take a nap. However, the big question remains...just where is the best place to take a nap, especially in Seoul? Well, you could nap on your bed or couch, but that's no fun. Why not venture outside and get some fresh air while you're resting?

Every time I venture out and about in the city, I always see something random. Luckily I am always armed with my camera to snap up on these Kodak moments. Check out these chaps enjoying their rest on the weekend. It seems like some of the best places are out in public, in high traffic areas. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

This one is an oldie, taken way back from our first trip to Insadong last July. This is a classic...when you're tired, just stretch out your arms and lean back. If you make it look like you're dead, people will leave you right alone--perfect!

This is a buddy of mine near Jongno...he was tired after walking around all day in the hot sun so he decided to make use of a public bench. No pillow? No problem, just use your backpack and be sure to remember to take off your socks and shoes to eradicate that nasty farmer tan around your "cankles" (a Shallow Hal reference):

I've saved the best for last...when you've been slaving away all day in Insadong and all the benches are taken (thanks to buddy from above) and you really need to catch some shut eye, what's a brother supposed to do? I know! Lay down some cardboard and sleep inside your wagon cart cuddled up in the fetal--pure genius!

Where do you like to take your lazy Sunday naps? Don't be shy, please spill the beans and share your secret spots with us all!


Jon Allen said...

One place you are sure to find Koreans asleep is on the subway.
I've lost count of the number of times I felt someones head lolling on to my shoulder as they nod off when I get a seat on the subway.

Gary said...

Ah, good point Jon. That is very true , especially when people are drunk on soju or whatever it maybe. I try to avoid the people who lean on me at all costs! haha.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could do that, sleep outside. It looks uncomfortable, and I assume that it is a bit noisy.

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