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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Free Hugs in Korea Gone Bad

You've heard of the Free Hugs Campaign by now right? It is a worldwide phenomenon that is a random act of kindness. People setup in public places holding up a placard that says "Free Hugs". I have to say the Free Hugs Campaign in Korea is alive and kicking.

Anyways, check out the following video of a Free Hugs Korea campaign gone bad. From my knowledge, they are supposed to actually hug you right? Well, while we were in Myeongdong last weekend we spotted some girls holding their signs proudly. So I decided to have some fun and put their Free Hugs gig to the test--by hugging both of them at the same time. Too bad they did not reciprocate, as they seemed a bit embarrassed by the whole situation (probably because there was a camera in their face...hehe). Check it out for yourself (I just got a haircut in the morning):

This is a Free Hugs in Korea video on YouTube that has had 1.2 million views...how it is really supposed to work:

Have you hugged anyone recently or been given a "free hug"?


Anonymous said...

Those girls seem so embarrassed, what did you do to them?

Unknown said...

LOL! It might've been a better idea to ninja-cam that. Who would make a sign that says "free hugs" and not give a real hug?

Gary said...

Sandra: I didn't do anything to them, I swear! Maybe because I'm so tall and I just approached so quickly...oh, and don't forget my stunning looks probably helped too! haha!! ;)

Ed: Next time, I'll do the POV ninja-cam. Yes, I feel so ripped off right now. LOL!

Leo said...

Sounds like a good campaign. I might try a variation like that here in Vancouver. How about the "Free Hugs for Your Wife" movement?
If that goes well I'd like to try "Free Hugs for Your Girlfriend" at nightclubs. I'll just hang out by the women's washroom all night.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish there were some free hugs here, though I seriously doubt people here (in the Philippines) would want one. Some would cry sexual harrassment. Haha. Oh well, to each her own!


Anonymous said...

i'm sangjeong
the first time for me to leave a comment like this for all my life.
aren't you honored?
if i attempt the "free hug", i hope that the person would be a handsome and gorgeous guy!!!!
i'm serious. it's my political opinion about that campaign.

Gary said...

Leo: haha..LOL!! I think that is an excellent idea man, I am sure it will be very popular in the 604--husbands and boyfriends would probably be the most pleased of all.

gn: I think you should start it up or at least give it a try. It's very interesting to say the least!

Sangjeong: haha, thanks for leaving a comment, I do feel honored! Thanks for sharing your opinion on the free hugs campaign. So are you implying that I should start giving out free hugs? You mentioned handsome and gorgeous!!! haha ;)

LSteenblik said...

Hey G-dog,

Maybe those girls had a crush on you? They certainly were shy. =D

I just wrote about the free-hugs in Korea in my blog a few days ago. I got free hugs in Myeoung-dong

Here is the link:

I also saw some Free Hug shirts this weekend when I was shopping in Yongsan (I have yet to put those pictures up).

Gary said...

Hey Lily, thanks for commenting. Your blog is off to a fantastic start!

Those girls were pretty funny, I approached them and then they started giggling--like little school...err...girls!

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