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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Frozen Yogurt: Pinkberry in LA, Red Mango in South Korea

If you are not aware, there currently is red hot frozen yogurt war going on in Los Angeles. There's a frozen yogurt chain called Pinkberry (also known as "Crackberry" to many celebrities, such as the locked up Paris Hilton; the original "Crackberry" is Research in Motion's wireless handheld device, the Blackberry). One blogger suggests it could become the next Starbucks. Some say it's a knock off of the Red Mango frozen yogurt chain in South Korea. I've never tried Pinkberry, but I'd like to compare the taste with Red Mango.

There is a Red Mango location about 5 minutes away from us in Mokdong. With the weather heating up, I expect us to be making a few more visits in the near future. Here are a few recent pictures from our trips to Red Mango. I must admit, this frozen yogurt tastes awesome--some of the best I've ever had. It definitely helps cool you down on a humid and hot summer's day.

This was from the Mokdong location. We ordered a regular sized frozen yogurt with five toppings. As you can see they loaded us up with toppings:

Now compare the above with this order from another Red Mango location near Bucheon. The toppings were not as plentiful, and the way they let frozen yogurt into the bowl resulted in it being hollow inside. Plus, they did not weigh the amount of frozen yogurt on the scale (they do this to ensure consistency; just like how Starbucks weighs your tall latte):

Check this out...it's a frozen yogurt cave:

Alrighty, maybe I have some high standards when it comes to food. Nevertheless, we still finished every last bite:

Just when I thought my frozen yogurt problems would end there, I was wrong. At Caffe Themselves, our frozen yogurt was hollow in the center again! Am I being too picky? I just want to get my fair share of frozen yogurt!! ;)

Compare my Red Mango pictures above to this picture of Pinkberry (courtesy of somah). The fresh berries do look pretty darn good I must say:

You wouldn't believe the outrageous amount of cafes and coffee shops in South Korea. Koreans love their caffeine just like the rest of them. What do people do when they have some spare time? They none other than cafe themselves at Caffe Themselves:

Readers from LA...are you addicted to Pinkberry?? Any other Red Mango fans out there?


Anonymous said...

i'm not from LA, but I am 100% addicted to Pinkberry! (I go to the ones in NYC where all 3 locations always have lines out the door and curling around the street...unfortunately this press http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=local&id=5398637 isn't so good for NYC pinkberry fans...) I LOVE Red Mango in Korea too - and I personally can't really tell the difference between the two - except that pinkberry DOES have better fresh fruit. Otherwise I'll take either one any day!! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! The pictures are tempting me. :)

Gary said...

anonymous: thanks for the post! Whoa, mice running around in the store in NY? I don't think that is PinkBerry's fault, it's probably the building or the area...that is pretty crazy though!

ADOLESCENT: Next time, frozen yogurt's on me. ;)

jano said...

i've had both and red mango wins, hands down.

if you're ever in sinchon, you should try going to "milky road." it's similar to red mango except the frozen yogurt tastes like those little yogurt drinks...

Anonymous said...

I ate at Red Mango for the first time
this weekend, I ate at the one at COEX. It was delicious! I had an iced green tea latte and Deok with frozen yogurt on the inside.

I have pictures here:


Anonymous said...

First; I have been reading your blog almost daily, and I think is great, I have learned quite a lot about life in Korea.

We live in Los Angeles County, and we are very addicted to Pinkberry, we don't have one close to our area, Santa Clarita Valley, so almost every weekend we drive to West Hollywood, Melrose Ave, or Korea Town for our weekly dose of PB. We really like it. There are so many others popping out everywhere, now we have Roseberry, kiwiberry, and other ....berrys. Actually Roseberry recently changed their name because of problems with Pinkberry, they are now greenberry. The newest is Cantaloop, and I heard that Red Mango will open very soon. Also in Tokyo Town we have Ce Fiore, which is very good, very similar to pinkberry, but they are not so stingy with the toppings. Overall our favorite is Pinkberry, followed by Ce Fiore. At all the Pinkberry stores parking is a very big problem, along with the lines, but even during winter we were there up to 45 minutes in line.

Pinkberry medium size with 3 toppings, costs about 5.00, and yes, it is hollow.

I have photos of Ce Fiore and Pinkberry, if you like I can share them with you.

Thanks for sharing your blog,


Gary said...

A in SCV: Thanks for the thorough post about the lives of Pinkberry addicts! That is really crazy, especially the lines during the winter. I would really like to try it out. Thanks for reading my blog! :)

Gary said...

Oh, I forgot...I would love to post those photos on the blog. You can email them to teachenglishseoul@gmail.com ...thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I will email you the photos very soon, but for now you might want to read this I got from la.eater:
WESTWOOD, CALIFORNIA: Red Mango is "the official dessert" of the LA Film Festival, which starts this weekend. Why do you care? Because next Saturday, June 30, at the corner of Broxton and Weyburn in Westwood, you can get yourself some free Red Mango. What's Red Mango? Oh, there's a little info here, here, and here. [EaterWire Inbox]

A in SCV

Gary said...

Man, I definitely need to head down to LA and check out these yogurt wars myself. Maybe I'll have to try them all!! :)

Anonymous said...

Red Mango is pretty pathetic with it's marketing campaign. Obviously the lawsuit against pinkberry was initiated by Red Mango (Ekwhon, Ellen, etc). Check out their site and compare it with the verbage in the pinkberry lawsuit..coincidence, I think not.
Their guerilla marketing tactics not only make them look conniving, but gives other yogurt shops more publicity. Give it up for Pinkberry, they took a chance and are a smash hit in the states. Red Mango is a failing business in Korea, going form 180 stores to only 130 now. In a few years, the Red Mango name will be completely defunct in Korea.

Anonymous said...

We're so addicted to frozen yogurt here in Southern California that we have a blog dedicated entirely to sampling all of the frozen yogurts. Not just from Pinkberry and Red Mango but all of them.

Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Pinkberry is a foodchain created by Korean-Americans. Check it out on wikipedia.

Both Pinkberry and Red Mango have Korean origins.

Anonymous said...

Red Mango is the original! Red Mango started in South Korea about six years ago and has about 140 locations. Pinkberry copied Red Mango; however Pinkberry states their idea is Italian inspired, which is not true. Red Mango came to the US about two years ago to compete with Pinkberry. Red Mango will be opening next to Puente Hills Mall in the City of Industry and also in the Diamond Bar area. Look out for it! Red Mango plans to have 50 stores open by the end of 2008 and is currently in 9 states!

Maybo said...

If you are in the Los Angeles area, be sure to also checkout Whimsical Frozen Yogurt & Gelato (www.whimsicalyogurt.com) in Hacienda Heights. They have so many different flavors of frozen yogurt and gelato to choose from and they taste so good. I have always been a fan of Red Mango (although Pinkberry is a close second) but this Whimsical blew me away in terms of taste and variety. I highly recommended this place!

Anonymous said...

I love Pinkberry, especially their logo and designs! Make sure you check out the designers of this brand, pretty interesting how big they made Pinkberry become. (www.ferro-concrete.com)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering if you could tell me where the Red Mango locations are. I know there's a bunch, but are there any in Seoul? If you could tell me any locations you've been to, that would be great. I wanna try some fro-yo before I leave Korea!

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