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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Go Green: Shrek 3 The Movie at McDonald's

Remember about a month ago, back in June when it was Memorial Day in Korea? That day we went and enjoyed Shrek 3. I thought it was the best movie out of the Shrek series. The addition of Justin "I'm Bringing Sexy Back" Timberlake to the cast as the voice of Artie was awesome. The whine and high pitched squeal of JT's voice was perfect for the role.

Anyways, everybody and their grandma (or ajuma) loves Shrek here in South Korea. McDonald's recently had a Shrek 3 campaign (and also introduced BREAKFAST) and the last time I checked, it's still going on. They have some Shrek-themed flurries, sundaes, and milkshakes. What's the secret ingredient for the color green? You guessed it--kiwi!

Here's a Shrek combo for ya...notice for 1500w ($1.50US) you can buy a Pork Cutlet burger (does this taste like donkahss?):

Kiwi flavored flurry, kiwi-inspired sundae, and a green milkshake. If you eat all three of these at one time your face will turn green:

Looky, looky, it's Fiona working at McDonald's, except she's not an overweight ogre but a slender Korean! Look at those ears...smokin!

What did you think of Shrek 3? I liked the Gingerbread Man and Pinocchio--they were hilarious!


Anonymous said...

The kiwi sundae looks really good.

Unknown said...

Hi, I just ran into your blog, and I really enjoy it! I have a question for you. My husband and I will be moving to Seoul at the end of August and we are wondering how to find a nice place to live. We will also have our 2-year old daughter with us. Any ideas?

Jon Allen said...

I saw it at the weekend. I thought some of the animation was amazingly good, So real you almost forgot it was a cartoon.

The story was OK, but not that inspiring. It seemed to have so many referenences to other movies I spent a lot of time trying to work out which movie they were sending up.
Still, it was an enjoyable way to pass the time.

hirocakep said...

two weeks ago we knew shrek campaign at McDonald's. we family like shrek very much so ordered four happy meals (u know we are three incl 1.5 years old baby but ordered four:p) to get toys last weekend. but.. there wasn't shrek. we got fiona, donkey, gingerbread man etc... but no shrek. hmmm.

Gary said...

Sandra: It does look good, but the kiwi topping for it is just sitting on the counter and it looked pretty unappetizing when I saw it. Maybe I'll give it a try for ya...for the blog of course. ;)

Daniel: Thanks for visiting! I would suggest living in Mokdong. It's a great place to raise a family as it's not too busy in this western area of Seoul. Lots of parks too.

Jon: Yes, I forgot to mention the animation. Compared to the other two movies, I have to agree the quality of the animation was superb. As for the story...it's a Shrek movie, what can we really expect! ;)

hirocakep: You know what, we saw the toy display too and were contemplating ordering Happy Meals to bring the toys home for my cousins...maybe I'll still do that--but I want Shrek!

Pema Blue said...

I saw Shrek 3 when it came out in theatres here. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but how can you not love the big, green ogre?

The kiwi sundae does look good. Here the Shrek themed food consisted of mint (or choco-mint perhaps) flavored flurries and milkshakes. They didn't really seem appetizing to me. Though in addition to happy meal toys there were a set of 4 large drinking glasses (big enough to hold a can of Guiness) that had pictures of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey (& friends) and the ogre babies.

Anonymous said...

You might have to slip the employees a little something extra to get Shrek. They could be pocketing them all to sell on the black market or e-bay.

daeguowl said...

Daniel: Finding a place to live will very much depend on your budget, this will decide whether you go for house or flat and which area of Seoul you live in. You also need to factor in commuting time to work. There are some areas that foreigners frequent where estate agents will be used to dealing with foreigners. I remember seeing on one of the government websites that they had a list of recommended estate agents (sorry I can't remember which one).

daeguowl said...

And shouldn't the greeness have been green tea rather than kiwi?

imoet said...

Oh I love gingerbread and donkey!!!
God....he just can't stop talking hahaha.
We're now collecting shrek's merchandise from Happy meal. Starting to get sick ordering happy meal every weekend for the sake of the whole cute shrek characters :p

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