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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

June 6th: Memorial Day in Korea

Today is a holiday in South Korea. It's Memorial Day, and according to the Life in Korea website:

June 6 denotes the day set aside for citizens to remember those who died for their country. Civilians and soldiers alike are honored in ceremonies held throughout the country, especially at Seoul's National Cemetary.

This holiday is similar to Remembrance Day in Canada, which falls on November 11th. How will we celebrate this holiday? Well...I think it would be a good time to watch Shrek 3. Last week we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at the Megabox. Movie theaters are one of the best places to spot the notoriously dressed "campus couples" in South Korea. It's also one of my favorite places to stuff my face full of food too!

You know Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular movie when...it's playing in six theaters. We pre-bought our tickets for a Saturday morning show. The cost?--only 4000w ($4USD) each! So watching movies in the morning is definitely a bargain! Assigned seating makes it even easier to get the seats you really want.

Here are some of the combos offered at the Megabox movie theater:

We opted for the "Love Combo" (oooooh, how romantic) and paid 500w more for caramel popcorn. It's a nice change from salted buttery popcorn:

Anyways, we're on our way out to watch Shrek 3. Since it's a day off, I probably will end up eating barbecue of some sort. Hey, I gotta take advantage of my opportunities ya know. Have you seen Shrek 3? How did you like it compared to the first two?


hirocakep said...

now i'm downloading shrek 3. i will watch at living room with small monster :p

Gary said...

Just got back from the movies a while ago...Shrek 3 was the best one of all. That gingerbread man was awesome! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I thought Justin Timberlake's voice worked out well because it's so whiny and nerd-like.

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