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Monday, 25 June 2007

Maximizing Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee

Coming over to teach English in Korea anytime soon? Around this time of the year, many private hagwons are hiring teachers to replace the ones that will be leaving soon. It's hard to believe that yours truly has been teaching in Seoul for almost a year now. Our contracts are up at the end of next month and we will be heading home. Where will we go next? That is a good question. Right now, we have many options, with Dubai being one of them. I will fill you in the near future.

Anyways, one of my first "South Korea" moments that I experienced after arriving was having my first cup of Maxim Mocha Gold coffee, in a tiny paper cup. It's a quick coffee that packs a punch, however some might find there is too much sugar and artificial creamer in the packet. I'm going to show you how to reduce this into the perfect cup of coffee that can be balanced to your liking.

First, pinch 1 inch down on the right of the packet so your fingers cover the coffee cup image. Then, cut open the package and pour the mix into your cup. By squeezing tight you are holding the coffee mix in your fingers, so you can pour out some of the sugar and creamer. Mix with water, and voila, you now know how to adjust the sugar/creamer content easily!

You'll get used to seeing this coffee in every store in South Korea:

Squeeze here and hold on tight:

Here's my test packet to show how it looks; the majority of the coffee is in the end, but it can get a little mixed in:

I hope this little tip is helpful--results may vary, so don't hold me accountable if this doesn't work for you. Why spend $5 at Starbucks on a latte when you can drink ten of these for free (if your work supplies them)? Actually, I think I would rather stick to a $5 Starbucks at the end of the day. What's your favorite coffee beverage? Orange mocha frappuccino?


George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Wow - you're leaving soon. That's crazy. I've been following your adventures since January - caught up with the readings a month ago and check it out every day. My girlfriend and I will be headign over to teach with YES in Suwon starting August 30th - I always thought we might run into you and your camera over there ;) Best of luck with your further adventures - we'll be sure to read about them.

Kim said...

can't believe you are leaving korea soon! I love reading your blog. and I LOVE The Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee.....AND the Maxim Iced coffee. YUM

Gary said...

George: Yeah, it's hard to believe that one year has almost passed by in the blink of an eye. Good luck to you and your GF with YES. I sent you a message on your blog.

Kim: Thanks for commenting! Maxim mocha gold is pretty tasty, but I try to limit my intake of that stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gdog,

My contract is nearly up as well. I still don't know what I will do next either. There are some sticks in the fire, and I'm just hoping not to get burned by whatever my choice may be. I'm actually thinking about staying here for one more year and then China. I must really be nuts, but everything is just so dang convenient. I have decent accommodations (instant internet and satellite TV when I arrived), a three minute walk to work (30 hours/week with no grading, tests, or calling parents), Costco an eight minute walk away, a great knowledge of the city and a good bicycle. Other than some brats at times, a really great job and boss (especially after my burst appendix and his staying all night with me in the hospital).

We're having a family meal a week from Saturday. I guess we will talk a bit about the future. I have been looking at some colleges and universities here (and I haven't told him), but if I don't find one, I doubt that I could work for a different hagwon. If I stay, I'll definitely ask for a couple of weeks off first.

Good luck in your future endeavors,

John from Daejeon

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