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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Pictures of Seoul at Night: Down by the Han River

Lately, the weather has been amazing in Seoul. It has been quite warm and the humidity has also been at a reasonable level. This past weekend, the sky was clear blue and we could actually see Seoul Tower from our officetel since it was not hazy out. I thought this would also make for an excellent opportunity to head down to Yeouido for some pictures at night.

About six months ago I picked up a Canon XTi/400D/Kiss Digital X digital SLR camera. I've had a lot of fun playing and experimenting with the camera, but there is still a lot for me to learn. I wanted to test out some long exposures so on Saturday night I made a trip out to Yeouido and setup shop along the banks of the Han River.

Here is one of the few shots I managed to take (with a $45 tripod from the camera shops in Namdaemun):

A lot of people were lighting off fireworks and these folks just so happened to have some fun right in front of me. Smile, you're on camera!

I usually keep a spare battery with me at all times. However, this time around my spare battery was dead! I forgot to charge my spare so only have 10 pictures or so, my little excursion ran into a speed bump. Man, I think I need another battery...think of it as a spare battery for my spare battery. Does that make sense?

Since my SLR was not out of business, I turned to my point and shoot back up, my SD400 digital elph. This trusty camera is responsible for taking the precious videos that appear on my blog. I also use it to take about 90% of my food pictures. Anyways, there is also a feature to do long exposures, but the pictures have significantly more noise compared to a dSLR:

This girl had fun with a sparkler in front of me--what a perfect opportunity for a Kodak momen...err...a Canon moment:

I'll be back to Yeouido again, but this time around I'll bring 6-7 spare batteries--think that's enough? Anyways, what camera are you currently using and where do you like to take pictures?


Anonymous said...

Nice nighttime pictures Gdog! Love the one with the fireworks shooting off at an angle =)

Looks like you're handling the 400D well =)

Gary said...

Hey feeman, thanks for the comment! Yeah, I am having some fun with my 400D. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! I've been taking lots of pictures too lately, but not at night. I take pictures of pretty much everything. =D

I use a canon Elph SD600. I'm still working on getting videos up on my site.

I have three batteries. One in my camera and two ready to go. Although sometimes I forget to charge my backups.

Sometimes when I'm taking a lot of flash pictures I've noticed my camera gets really hot and the battery runs out faster.

Gary said...

Lily: Good choice on the SD600...I love the entire digital elph line up...they are the perfect size and easy to operate. Okay, I am a big Canon fan, that's all. ;)

daeguowl said...

Saw a restaurant the other day offering a 30,000 won seafood buffet and was wondering if you'd ever been? (It seems like the kind of place you might go) It's called muscus and their are various branches throughout southern seoul. I also had a 15,000 won buffet lunch today at a place called seven springs in Gwanghwamun, I bet you could do some real damage there...

Gary said...

Daeguowl: Muscus huh? There is a chain called Ocean Star that I'd like to conquer sooner rather than later. I'll keep you updated, thanks for the tip. :)

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