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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Random Pictures of the Day

I have a folder on my laptop that I fill up with pictures that are blogworthy. Sometimes I get a back log since there are just too many things to write about. When it comes to blogging, you should set goals and such for blah blah blah...in a nutshell, I just blog about what I feel like writing about that day. It keeps things light, easy and fun.

Soooo, with that being said...here are a few random pictures that I've accumulated with my weekly trips to bbq dinners or lunches. This photo is taken from the 24 hour bbq place near Omokgyo Station. At one point I was eating there quite frequently so I had a chance to interact with the staff the odd time. It was particularly smoky on this day, so when we placed our jackets down beside us, one of the workers proceeds to stuff them all into a plastic bag! That was a first for us (hey, at least our jackets would be smoke free; I told you these pictures are old!):

Family members always bug me about "where are all your recent food pictures?"...so in response to their requests, here you go:

Back to what I mentioned before, it pays to be a regular. You get things for free (or in Konglish, "Service"), like this kimchi jiggae (soup). We also had free cola and 7-Up to boot!

What we always found weird was the fact that children and adults were always walking around eating ice cream cones. We wanted some too, but never really figured out where it was hiding--until this special day. Turns out the self serve vanilla ice cream station was outside around the corner, under a tent:

The cleanliness of this little station was definitely suspect--but when you want free ice cream, one will do anything. So we proceed to scoop ourselves some cones. What do you do when you're not satisfied with your scoop of ice cream? Heck, just launch them into the bottom of the freezer! Check out these lonely, freezer burned, scoops of vanilla ice cream chilling out (pun intended):

On a totally random note, I am going to enter another blogging contest because I think I can win an iPod Shuffle (my 512mb USB flash drive win is making me feel good about winning again). This is probably the easiest contest I've entered. All I have to do is mention that Live Learn Invest is giving away a brand new ipod Shuffle of your color choice by simply mentioning Printed Circuit Board Quotes. If you want to find out more about other blogging contests, you can head over to Contest Blogger.

Let's get back on topic...do you have any random restaurant experiences to share? Come on, don't be shy...


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