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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Vegetarian Restaurants in Seoul

Any vegetarians out there? Any vegetarians out there in South Korea? Recently, one of our coworkers asked us if we'd want to join her at a vegetarian restaurant located at Sinsa Station, near Apgujeong. We decided to make it an adventure and last weekend we made the long trek to eat some...veggies. I have never visited a vegetarian restaurant before, as I am a pure carnivore at heart (Veggies have feelings too when you cut them up...)!

Anyways, we finally made it to our destination, a vegetarian restaurant that was recommended by one of the Seoul tourism websites. What we saw when we went in was not very appetizing. We either came at the wrong time of day, or they just weren't busy enough to keep their "buffet" stocked with fresh items. It was not a memorable meal, but since it was only 6000w per person we decided to give it a go anyways!

There were four of us in this restaurant on the second floor of a building...along with three others:

Here are some pictures of the buffet...you know food is no longer "good" when it's been sitting on a warmer for the entire day!

"Make your own salad" gone wrong...

Some more veggie dishes for your viewing pleasure. Notice the refrigeration unit in place to keep the dishes at a safe temperature--oh wait, there is no cooling unit!

Near the end of the line...we have some dessert. Remember to keep an eye on that watermelon platter:

This was my plate: some rice, veggies, a bun, samjang, a pepper, some lettuce, and half a bun. I now know how a rabbit feels...

Remember the watermelon platter? Well, that was by far the best part! It was the only tray they refilled and when I saw the "fresh" platter I pounced on it...this was the aftermath on my plate:

...and here's my dish being placed at the "SELF SERVICE" window...now that I think about it, I definitely got my money's worth in watermelon!

I know there are better vegetarian restaurants out there, as one of our coworkers had raved about a couple in Insadong. I think this time it was just unfortunate we went to the wrong place--doh! In the future, I will stick with my meat-eating ways...and avoid vegetarian restaurants! ;)


Anonymous said...

you're back in seoul!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary said...

Well, actually I failed to mention this was an old post that I just finished and published! But let's imagine I'm still in Korea, haha!

May Leow said...

hi, i m really enjoying reading your blogs. :P

Unknown said...

'i'm a pure carnivore'? 'veggies have feelings too'? 'now i know how a rabbit feels'?

you can't possibly be writing this review for vegetarians if you're filling it with exhausted (and exhausting..) cliches like these. the buffet looks pretty sad, but your writing's more wilted than than that poor salad is.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with above poster

I've liked your articles and insights about other things, but as to vegetarian restaurants... no, thank you!

Down here in Busan we have way fewer vegan/vegetarian options, but plenty of vegetarian and vegan people, including Koreans. And most of my meat-eating friends eat at Loving Hut, the vegan fast food joint, very happily and without vegetarian friends.

The cliches are pretty tired. And if you really knew how a rabbit felt, well, you probably wouldn't be eating meat. Cause rabbits and other animals like to be alive, not covered in barbecue sauce.

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