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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Want to Get Dirty in Seoul with Christina Aguilera?

Seoul has had its share of artists dropping by for concerts. Think of Eric Clapton (Jan 2006), The Backstreet Boys (Jan 2006; hell yeah), Jay-Z (Fall 2006). Some people argue that Seoul might be off the radar for big name acts. What do you think? When was the last concert you attended in Seoul?

Speaking of concerts, Christina Aguilera is hitting up Seoul on the weekend of June 23rd and 24th. Is anyone going to check her out concert? It's going to be at the Olympic Park Stadium. I found out that the cheapest tickets are going to cost 88,000w (roughly $90US). How did I hear about Christina's "Back to Basics" tour? I saw it on a nylon billboard in Hongdae! Maybe I need to read the newspapers more, but I never seem to find out about what's going on. What's your number one resource?

*edit* here's an updated concert poster I spotted today; for English info email xtinaseoul@gmail.com and ticket info visit Interpark:

I will leave you with a clip of the Jay-Z concert (thanks YouTube!)--they love the Jigga Man in Seoul:


Natasha said...

I've never thought of that - I'm curious how popular Christina is there... will she sell out?
I went to her concert a couple months ago here and paid approx $10 cheaper but I didn't get the worst seats. I wonder what happens in those concerts -- does someone translate?

Natasha said...

I mean, I can see how Jay-Z is popular b/c noone really listens/understands rap songs anyway haha - it's all beat

Michael Kwan said...

Christina came to Vancouver a while ago and I got Susanne to write a review:

Same tour.

Anonymous said...

hi, just wanted to say you have a good blogg! keep update it, i'll be visiting this again=)

Gdog said...

natasha: I asked some of the Korean staff at work about the concert and they seemed pretty excited to hear that she was coming. We are going to try to get some tickets. It might be fun to see her performing in Seoul!

anonymous: thanks for the kind comments, see you soon!

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