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Thursday, 21 June 2007

The World's Smallest Karaoke Room

We have another installment of my ongoing "The World's _______" list of things that I've spotted while teaching English in South Korea. This time around this exclusive post comes from an old school arcade that was located in Insadong. Not familiar with my special list of posts? Take a trip down memory lane if you haven't already:

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Remember the days when hanging out at arcades was the thing to do? Think back to the days of Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat, and miscellaneous shooting games. This place had machines that had old classics such as Bubble Bobble. However, the one thing that caught my eye was a long row of stalls along one wall. Turns out these little stalls are individual "norebangs" for 1 or 2 people. Now this is what you call the World's Smallest Karaoke Room:

Check this out...inside, we have a small monitor, a portable fan to keep you cool, bright fluorescent lights, and two stools (one for yourself, and the other to rest your stuff--this was the case as there were a few stalls where people were having a great time by themselves). Not sure what to do on a Saturday afternoon? Heck, forget going outside, make your way to one of these mini "norebangs". You can sing your heart out for a fraction of the price of a regular norebang room. This room is so small I couldn't even stand up straight inside!

Are you a big fan of Campus Couple Saturdays? Anyways, here's a video of a couple playing Dance Dance Revolution (also known as "DDR" to all you hardcore enthusiasts) in unison (or trying to at least):

Do you like singing karaoke style? What's your favorite song to belt out in front of your friends, family, coworkers, and random strangers?


Helena said...

Oh my. I guess it's big enough for two people? Sort of--two small people?

I only went to the noraebang twice. I remember singing "I can't help falling in love with you." I recall some of the words weren't right.

Gary said...

Yeah, there are two stools but I am sure you could fit three in there--if you squeeze! Singing Karaoke is great...it's even better when there are cheesy videos to support the songs on the screen!

Leo said...

I think I'd only be able to squeeze into one of those booths myself. Sounds like it could be a great first date. Fantastic idea!!!

Unknown said...

hello! I forgot how I stumbled across your blog months ago, but I've been reading regularly ever since. I'm a Korean-American college student from California. Just wanted to let you know that that dancing video is actually of a game called Pump It Up, which was made by Koreans, while DDR was made by the Japanese. The difference is that Pump's arrows go in diagonal directions while DDR's arrows are up-down/side-to-side. Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

I like to sing "Fly me to the Moon"

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