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Monday, 2 July 2007

Cigarettes and Toothpaste in Korea!

As I mentioned before, this is one of the busier times when people will be coming to teach English in Korea. Most teachers have their one year contracts coming to a close (including yours truly...don't cry!) Anyways, I've received numerous emails from people asking about the best places to live and things to bring. I will be starting a mini series of "Things to Bring" posts coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, how about a post about something different? Possibly one of the weirdest combinations, cigarettes and toothpaste! If you're a smoker and are soon coming to Korea to teach English, you will be entering tobacco heaven. Cigarettes (a.k.a. "cancer sticks" by some) are dirt cheap here--a pack will only set you back 2000w-3000w! ($2-$3USD)! Compared to prices in Canada, where cigarettes are heavily taxed (a pack can cost up $7-8US), this can be a substantial savings for you--yeehaw! These low prices will come in handy when you need that "smoke break" from screaming at little kids all day (it's unfortunate I don't do neither)!

The resolution of this image is 1024x768, so you can make out some of the prices. One of the most popular brands is Raison (Red, Blue, Black, or Fresh):

Now, to combat your hideous breath, tar-stained teeth and yellow discolored fingers, along with the stomach turning stench of smoke that comes from your clothing (spraying Febreeze on your clothes only fools yourself), there is hope. You have some options when it comes to toothpaste in Korea. Although we had a nice supply of Colgate (luckily it wasn't the "fake" kind from China) from home, we eventually ran out. What to do? Well, luckily the banks here like to give out freebies to regular clients and new customers. So we've gone almost a year in Korea without purchasing toothpaste--thanks Wooribank!

I am currently using Perioe--it's definitely not Crest but it does the job (I really need to visit the dentist when I return home):

Do you smoke? If so, how much does a pack of cigarettes cost where you live?
Do you brush your teeth? If so, what kind of toothpaste do you use?


Anonymous said...

Colgate Total with whitening

Kim said...

LOL. I'm a dental assistant and while I was in Korea last summer, I was afraid to use any of the Korean toothpaste for some odd reason....but my choice of toothpast is colgate total ;)

hirocakep said...

After I got my baby I tried to stop smoking sometimes. In Japan I need prescription to buy nicotine patch but in Korea can buy it easily. Just go to drug store then buy it. It really worked, I didn't smoke whole day. But one day I drunk with some guys... started smoking again. :p

Cigarettes price are as same as Japan. In Indonesia it was so cheap, 0.7USD. In Sri Lanka I usually bought at black market, 1-2USD. You know surface of cigarettes package was written "Duty Free" in print. :p

John from Daejeon said...

Maybe it's all in my mind, but seaweed flavored toothpaste seems to lack the cleansing power of the multi-attacks of the anti-plaque, anti-tarter, anti-gingivitis, and pro-whitening of Colgate Total or Crest. It's funny that LG got their start in toothpaste, and I love most of their electronics, but the toothpaste here in South Korea doesn't seem to be quite as good.

Have you uncovered the reason for the lack of deoderant/anti-perspirant being sold here in South Korea? I've heard various reasons, but none are very convincing.

Jonny Q said...

Hey gdog,
I've been trying to find out post about negotiating accomodation etc etc.. maybe I've overlooked it??

Gdog said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Yeah, some of the toothpaste here is definitely not as good as Crest and the Colgate. I have not tried seaweed flavored yet--maybe next time I'll give green tea a go!

Jonny Q: as for negotiating accomodation, you can read up on this post: http://thedailykimchi.blogspot.com/2006/07/our-accomodation-and-first-korean-meal.html

I would suggest asking lots of questions and getting an email reference of a past employee. You could try asking for some pictures too.

patricia said...

In the Philippines cigarettes are only 25 pesos for a pack, thats .50 US. Cheap cheap cheap! I actually love Korean toothpaste..I used this "Bukwang" brand a couple of years ago (bought it from a Korean supermarket back here) and it was one of the best toothpastes I've ever tried ...too bad I can't find it anymore :p

eliza bennet said...

I'm a 4-5 a day smoker (tried to quit twice and it didn't work) and a pack of USA brand cigarettes are about 4 USD in Istanbul.

For toothpaste I use Oral B for Sensitive Teeth.

deendykid45 said...

can you bring cigarettes from the U.S to korea?not buying from the duty free though

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