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Friday, 6 July 2007

Dubai Duty Free: Sponsored by Tang

What did you do this past Christmas? If you recall, we spent our Christmas in the United Arab Emirates. Devante's parents are working there so we were lucky enough to visit Dubai and Ras Al-Khaimah. Man, talk about an awesome experience, traveling to the Middle East. It definitely was an experience that we will always remember. We might end up in Dubai or RAK in the future, who knows. Anyways, this post comes about six months too late. I was meaning to post this earlier, so for those interested (which should be all of you, right?) here is our experience at the Dubai Duty Free.

Before we continue, here are some of the highlights from our trip:
On our last day we had some time to kill before our flight back to Seoul. So we took a taxi to the Irish Village near the airport to grab some dinner. There is a large expat community in Dubai, and this was especially the case at the Irish Village:

After a week and half in the desert, it was time to head back to Seoul. We didn't want to leave, but we had to! Anyways, here are some pictures from the Dubai airport and duty free. Check out this cool advertisement:

From the second floor, check out the massive duty free from the left...

...and to the right. Dubai Duty Free had the largest selection of goods I have seen so far at a duty free. Jewelry, make up, snacks, toiletries, electronics, clothes, souvenirs, etc. We had about three hours before our flight left and we spent a good two hours here browsing through all the neat stuff:

Dubai Duty Free was selling tickets for people to win this sexy Lamborghini...

and this sleek BMW:

We stocked up on some snacks in the grocery section of the duty free. One thing that I will always remember about Dubai and RAK is the rebirth of Tang in my life. People love Tang here like how South Koreans love SPAM! Check out this dedicated Tang display:

Have you traveled to the UAE? Dubai? RAK?


Anonymous said...

I have been to Dubai Airport lots of times and completely agree with you that it has the best Duty Free (the best airport I think is Singapore Changi and their duty free shops are also good but not as good as Dubai)

Also many things are cheaper in Dubai Duty Free than the other airports I have been to.

daeguowl said...

I once had a stop off at Abu-Dhabi on the way to Hong Kong. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

Nope. lol. Well, I'm living currently in the UAE/Dubai. I'm sick of it already, I'll tell you. I've been around the world alot, and even alone.. UAE isn't where you wanna live for more than 4years, I guess.

joye said...

I have gone there and i would only say, that place is really one of the most pretty duty free spot around the world.

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