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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Eating a King Crab with Only 7 Legs in Seoul

Alrighty, I'm back online by blogging at work (temporarily)! We checked into our hotel last night and it was incredible! Since our work was paying for the hotel, we did not expect anything special. However, when we pulled up to the Best Western Niagara hotel, we were very surprised (especially coming from a Best Western)! Our room is a corner suite with a king sized bed, and a huge LCD TV! There was a full shower/tub and free internet. I didn't get a chance to get online because it was late when we arrived. I will post pictures later!

After eating some live baby octopus, we contemplated heading out to eat our "real" dinner. But, we ended up eating king crab instead, thanks to HC (I helped her out a few weeks back on where to buy a digital camera and getting the best deal in Seoul!). Anyways, she came back with a king crab that cost 40,000w--except it only had 7 legs! Hey, I'm not one to complain when I'm eating free crab, baby!

Here's HC (it stands for hardcore if you're wondering) posing for a picture with the crab. What's up with her and always kissing things (think of five time bodybuilding champion, Mr. Seoul)? ;)

Once the entire crab comes out steaming hot, the ajuma takes over and starts cutting up the crab with scissors. This is a skill that takes years of experience and has been passed down from tens and tens of generations ago. Watch and learn:

Here's a picture of our king crab. It was pretty darn good, but that missing leg would've helped because I was still hungry afterwards! You guys should know that I love to eat myself silly:

Nothing beats eating crab and drinking "Co-Cah, Cohrl-Rah" in a bottle!

When you ride with Gdog & Co., you always get some sort of "service" (or ser-bees in Konglish). We got a plate of watermelon, which was warm (it was probably kept outside in this hot weather). HC got an extra piece from the ajuma, so of course I had to get in on that too! Flash a quick smile and beg like crazy...that's how you get things for free in Korea!

So that pretty much wraps up our trip to the Noryangjin Fish Market. I have lots of things to post about soon, once I get back up and running. I won't have internet since we will be moving into another hotel on Friday night. I have some cool videos coming your way of people watching in Gangnam (all dressed to the nines), and ordering Red Mango at the busy Gangnam location.

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Kee said...

wow! It looks delicious! haha.. where are other legs of the crab?
I know the word 'service' is Konglish today. What word do ppl use for something like 'service' in English??
(I visit here by accident. Your Korean life seems happy.^^;)

annamatic said...

i can't believe they cheated u out of a leg. there's a lot of meat in them there things. Another supremely yummy thing to do is order a bowl of rice at the end, and mix it up in the crab juices in the hollowed out body at the end of your meal. mmmm i'm so hungry now.


Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

I'm so sad you're leaving Korea! It's the end of an era. Your blog became SO successful, bet you never expected the attention it got.

I want to say thanks for the invitation to your blogger par-tay but I won't be able to make it. No, not just because I only hang out with Koreans, John ;)

I'm glad to hear you're going to continue posting, from Canada. I miss Canada. Give it a kiss on the cheek for me.

PS- Wasn't there something about a job interview in Japan?

Chris said...

I just discovered your blog apparently days before you're about to leave. One thing that immeidately caught my attention was that you lived in Mokdong (which is where I live) and also that you are staying temporarily at the Best Western Niagra Hotel. That is one of the hotels on my list where I plan to put up my parents in the Fall when they come to Korea for a week tour. Would you recommend it? Anything of note besides the brief comments in your post?

You can read about my recent king crab eating experience at my blog http://technobar.blogspot.com (click on the Seafood story)

-Chris "The Stumbler"

Gdog said...

kee: thanks for visiting! The English equivalent of "service" would be "on the house" or "complimentary! :)

annamatic: yeah, tell me about it. If I was buying crab for myself, I would make sure a "free" ninth leg would be thrown into the mix! ;)

eva: hey! thanks for the kind words. Yeah, who would've thought my blog would actually be read by people! :) Anyways, I will be more than happy to give Canada a hug for you. About the interview, it was in Hong Kong but right now our plans have changed. When will you be heading back home?

Chris: Hey! Thanks for visiting. I would highly recommend the Best Western Niagara! It's a great hotel that's clean and was very nice for a hotel here. I will be sure to check out the crab story!

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