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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Forget Trainspotting: Rat Spotting in Seoul

What kind of animals have I seen in my time in Seoul? Well, I've seen the occasional stray cat poking at garbage bags and some stray dogs roaming the neighborhood. I've also seen a Steff hot dog, a 1000w hot dog, and a Costco hot dog. Oh, and don't forget the world's fattest dog at Giordano. With all big cities, rodent problems are a given no matter where you go. I spotted my first rat in Seoul last week!

We were walking toward the back entrance at work, when suddenly I hear someone call my name. It's one of my coworkers and he's looking at something. He tells me to come over to check something out. I head over to the bike racks, and low and behold...what do I see hanging out on the grate below? A large rat enjoying its day! This plump thing was not scared at all was content with whatever it was doing. It did not even flinch at us.

There must've been some kimchi down below because it was concentrating pretty hard. There was a food/garbage bin about 10 meters away, so no wonder this rat was so fat:

Check out this cropped close up...I can imagine my sister right about now, screaming "EWWWWWWW!!! WHY ARE YOU POSTING PICTURES OF A DISGUSTING RAT?":

Don't forget the video footage! The joys of carrying your digital camera everywhere! Maybe the rat would respond to my "come here boy" dog whistle...or NOT!

Maybe this was rat was trying to live out the dream of Ratatouille, and become a French chef! Have you seen Ratatouille? How was it?


George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Ratatouille's fantastic. You can read my review through at www.thatmoviesite.com
You should check it out - being a food lover, you would very much dig it.

Chris C. said...

is that so...then probably that will be our movie for the weekend. When i was still living in the Philippines, our rat was big as a bunny, imagine that! :)
i linked your site to mine, thanks!

lijunlaopo said...

I remember the shock at seeing my first rat in Tokyo, it was just hanging out at Hachiko square with all the humans in Shibuya.
Rats in this part of the world are not nearly timid enough for my liking...

Mrs J said...

ugh, not what i wanted from the daily kimchi. :-P

i voted, so at least i gave my input. ahaha.

Gdog said...

George: Just read your review, I think I will check this out. I saw the trailer for Ratatouille when I went to see Transformers. It was hilarious!

Chris C: Thanks for commenting, I've added a link to your blog as well. Good luck with your culinary dreams!

lijunlaopo: haha, yeah, the seem a bit too friendly...kinda weird!

mrs. j: Thanks for voting!! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually find the rat kinda cute. 8)

Anonymous said...

I actually find the rat pretty cute.

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