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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Gangnam: More Korean Fashion Pictures

Recently I had a few requests for more pictures of Korean fashion, in particular what people are wearing during the summer. Anyways, one of the best ways to check out what's hot is to take a look at what's selling in stores--in particular those stores located at subway stations. The Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center has lots of clothes to buy (especially for the ladies) and the prices are cheap (but being Gangnam, expect a higher mark up).

Standing in line at Omokgyo Station, Line 5:

The handles on the subway are pretty nasty if you think about it, but sometimes you run into a psycho subway conductor that either accelerates or slams on the brakes way too hard. So you have to hold on for dear life--or, you can use the people around you as a human body cushion (I've tried it--it works like a charm!):

After reaching Gangnam Station you'll see a lot of shoe stores--all selling high heels. I have never seen so many women wearing heels seven days a week, 365 days a year. Doesn't it hurt to wear heels all the time?! Ladies, fill me in (heels hurt Devante's feet)!

Shoe sizes in Korea are measured in millmeters, not inches. So learn what size your feet are. One inch is approximately 2.54 centimeters. One centimeter equals 10 millimeters. You do the math!

Some shots from random stores...by the way, fluorescent colors are making a come back in Korea, baby (some would say it never went away, but those people are weird)!

Wow, who would have thought Donna Karan would open up shop inside Gangnam Station? Awesome!

The summer dress is super popular. The prices on some of these dresses were over 100,000w ($100USD) which didn't seem right considering the material was paper thin and cheap to the touch:

Random people shopping, or should I say flocking to the racks:

You don't want to be shopping down here for long, because there is no air conditioning. That means you'll be in a full body sweat in about 5-10 minutes, after getting shoved around by random people because it's one of the busiest stations in Seoul. This was the scene at the top of the stairs (on a Saturday afternoon)--even more people!

Here's the Gangnam Station exit map for your reference. See exit number 6? Take that exit if you're craving some of the best Mexican food in Seoul!

Where do you buy your clothes in Seoul? Where are the best places to go?


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the heel comment. My girlfriend is Korean and she is 5'0" so she wears heels all the time. She just went to Korea for a 3 week vacation/visit relatives. I hope she doesn't bring too much of that Korean fashion back home(it is called FOB here lol) She is very fashionable here in California and since her birthday is coming at the end of August I will be taking her to the Civic Center shopping area here in San Francisco. If most Korean girls are like my girlfriend then they all love shopping and getting stuff as a suprise. Good luck with your stay in Seoul.

eliza bennet said...

I'm not tall so I wear high heels all the time. I actually gotten used to them and now feel uncomfortable with the shoes without any heels.

Jon Allen said...

Sparkles, dude. You forgot the sparkles:
Everything the girls /ladies wear has to have sparkly bits: Sequins are IN.

And for the boys, the suit: it's got to be SHINY!

I really need to take some photos around Yeouido to show you the shiny suit brigrade. As someone on The Thorn Tree (Lonely Planet forum) put it
'It's like a city full of pimps'.

Gdog said...

Anonymous: thanks for commenting. I am actually no longer in Seoul. ;)

eliza b: That's great that you can now wear heels forever..hehe :)

Jon: Oh yes, how can I forget those notorious "shiny" suits? They make every Korean male look like some sort of cheap mobster or PIMP as you put it...haha!

Anonymous said...

wow i love this post.. i am intrigue to the korean fashion because i noticed in vancouver alot of korean girls (international students) are like fashionable and almost dress alike with heels(wearing heels everytime and everyday) ...i noticed they sell alot of shoes for women down there..i guess it is their culture for women to wear heels? .. even though i am a female.. i dont think i can stand walking on heels everday..

patricia said...

Holy cow what an expensive price for those rather cheap looking dresses. Shopping in Hongkong and China and other parts of Asia is an orgasmic experience compared to shopping in Korea if I should say so myself....tons of good stuff at bargain prices. Is there any such thing as a bargain in Korea ?

daeguowl said...

80's pimps...

Gdog said...

patricia: yeah, I was surprised at the prices myself! Having shopped in HK and China myself, I completely understand what you mean about the different bargains and shopping!! Hong Kong is the mecca for shopping...deals come to you magically! :)

Mike said...

The underground area by Jamsil station is HUGE for shopping. Not that I need it, but women's clothing is everywhere, and I hardly ever see a dress rack with a price listed over W15,000. There's a shoe store I pass every day on the way to work that just lowered their all the shoe prices from W35,000 to W5,000, and there's a mountain of shoes (literally) in the middle of the subway station. People are digging through those piles like crazy! Also, the station is connected to the Lotte Department Store, so if you're in the mood for name brand clothes at rather high prices, you've got that option as well.

Orchid said...

Thanks for the fashion pics gdog. So did you or your girlfriend take those pics? Why are you shopping for dresses anyway ;-)


Gdog said...

Orchid: I took those pics while my girlfriend was shopping...so of course I needed to keep myself occupied somehow!

FeetManSeoul said...

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