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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Is This The Work of Flying Cows Consulting?

Since we're on the topic of recent protests in Korea, I thought I'd post the following picture from the Lotte Mart Sangmu branch in Gwangju. As you can see, flying cow dung is being thrown by protesters against the sale of U.S. beef! I feel sorry for the person who had to clean up that crap--literally speaking. 6 out of 53 stores were shut down due to protests. This quote from the article puts into perspective how expensive Korean beef really is:

"One hundred grams (3.5 ounces) of non-frozen top sirloin sold for 1,550 won ($1.70). The same part from a Korean cow is sold for 6,000 won. Each customer was limited to a purchase of 1 kilogram."

You can read the article from the JoongAng Daily here; for more reader commentary, head over to the Marmot's Hole. Is this the work of Flying Cows Consulting? Check out their website for more info on teaching English in Korea (minus the dung of course!).

Want more protesting action? These pictures were taken last month in Myeongdong, near City Hall. There was a huge anti-war demonstration, with people wearing masks of President Bush and holding fake guns.

They're saying...STOP THE WAR! Some say, it has cost $442 billion and counting:

Marching down the street with fake guns makes for a great protest:

I thought these George W. Bush masks were cute:

Of course, here's a small clip of the action:

Anyone here been protesting lately? Have you had any beef with anyone lately (hehe)?


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at FCC for getting my first placement in S.K. From what I can gather it's a good firm to go through (despite the various negative opinions about working in Hagwons!) All comments and opinion welcome though!

Your blog's really helpful in getting a picture of the day to day life! Thanks a lot!

imoet said...

I prefer eating pork than beef here in Korea :p. Beef is sooo expensive and for me its less delicious

Gary said...

balbi: Thanks for the kind words and commenting on my blog! Flying Cows would be a great choice to go with. As for hagwons, they may not be the best choice, but it's good to know that you will get paid on time, as opposed to your mom and pop hagwon.

imoet: I ate a lot of beef back home, but not a lot of pork. Now here in Korea, it's the exact opposite for me! ;)

Orchid said...

hi Gdog,

I am sorry to ask this question in a comment. But i was looking for your email address, but could not find it.

In your profile, you said we could email to ask you questions. But where is your mailing address? ;-)

How do you create 3 columns in your blogspot site? I can only make 2 columns. Do you need to do extra coding?


Gary said...

Hi Orchid,

My email address is posted at the top of the right side column. ;)

As for creating 3 column, I downloaded a modified 3 column template from one of the free blogspot websites online. Try a Google search. :) I made some minor changes, but the template is pretty much untouched.

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