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Friday, 13 July 2007

Korean Labor Strikes: Homever in Mokdong

When Devante tried to go to Homever on Monday of this week, the entire store was barricaded and blocked off. The front entrance of the store had its gates down, preventing people from entering the store. The police were there with full out riot gear shields--what was going on? I was busy filming last minute online lessons in Imae, so I was unable to catch a piece of the action!

Prior to all this, I had noticed that the majority of the cashiers had morphed into Korean men--previously they were dominated by women. I spoke to one man who was my cashier. I asked him why are all the cashiers men? He told me that there was a strike going on and that he was sent from E.Land's headquarters. On another occasion, I asked our female cashier who spoke English, where she was from. Once again, she said she was from headquarters, filling in for the lack of manpower. I asked her if she was having fun being a cashier--and she gave me a dirty blank stare! Whoops, seems like I touched a sensitive nerve, hee hee. ;)

The real story behind this is that E.Land recently mass fired about 1000 part-time and casual workers from their stores. In response, the workers' union staged mass in-store protests on July 9th, inside Homever and New Core stores in Seoul. That explains the closure of Homever on Monday and why the police were called. You can read more details about the story here.

Anyways, check out the following pictures from the Homever store next door. Every entrance had police officers standing guard (they are young Korean males). The side entrance:

The front entrance (there were up to six officers at one point):

Here's the police bus camping out next door...ready and waiting:

This picture of an in-store sit in is courtesy of UNI:

For those in Korea, did you notice anything unusual at your local Homever location? I noticed the Homever location was not as busy usual. I would assume that people are supporting the workers and boycotting the store.


Anonymous said...

I think it's crazy at the World Cup location as well.

Also, some anti-FTA protestors hit some Lotte stores selling American meat and started throwing cow dung (inside the store) onto the meat.

You never get this kind of exciement shopping at Save-on-Foods.

Gdog said...

LOL, I read about the cow dung incident at the Lotte stores! The one picture of the cow dung in motion was priceless!

Haha, I'm gonna be excited to enter a Save-on-Foods when I get home! ;)

Corey said...

I didn't see it personally, but a friend in Yatap said there were tons of riot police just milling around and doing the Asian squat thing. It didn't seem like there were any protesters there, but the cops were ready. Sorry I missed it.

Gdog said...

Corey: Thanks for leaving your comment, it's always good to hear about what is happening elsewhere. As for the Asian squat thing, it's a great way to rest when you're tired...lol

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