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Friday, 27 July 2007

My Last Galbi Dinner in Korea

I'm writing this post lying on the couch using WiFi while at the same time I've been fighing off yawns for the past 30 minutes. My body is telling me to go to sleep because it is 7AM in Seoul, whereas here it's a beautiful summer's day. Devante is taking a nap right now. We have to go pick up my dad from work in about 10 minutes since we've been using his car. Must...not...sleep... must...stay...awake...and... post...about...food...

After checking into the Best Western Niagara, we were both starving. There was a galbi restaurant across the street, so we ended up going there to eat. It was your typical galbi joint: bright fluorescent lights and speedy ajummas running from table to table.

Here are our feet waiting to get served...

The cuts of pork were not pretty good as they were not very fatty. Man, I never realized how much pork I consumed in Korea until I came home!

Of course, you can't forget about the endless side dishes, especially the kimchi. I haven't eaten kimchi in weeks and I feel pretty normal, although my "well being" levels are at an all time low!

Here are some sweet potatoes wrapped in tin foil that were cooked in the coals.

They turned out pretty well and tasted delicious (they were also burning my hands):

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and continued to marvel at how clean and nice it was, while watching Letterman and Leno on TV. Although we were both dead tired, we were determined to wake up early the next morning to try the breakfast buffet! That's coming your way next. In the meantime, I'm off to pick up my dad from work. Note to self: don't fall asleep at the wheel!

How's your summer coming along?


Sandra said...

All of that food looks great. I'm hungary now.

Gdog said...

It was delicious! I could go for some mul-naengmyeon right about now!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna make some mul-naengmyeon(I have a packet in the fridge)right now, it is hot where I am!

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